Garchomp Team Event

Duration: January 12th - January 26th 2022

This event was the third Team Battle event as part of Pokémon Café ReMix and includes some of the features introduced in the Points events such as boosted points when getting certain PokĂ©mon.

Special Customers

Special Customers

Pic Name Specialty Skill
Small Plates

Appetite Rewards

LevelStarsTotal StarsReward
No. 11000Helping Paw
No. 21500500 Golden Acorn
No. 320001 Vertical Megaphone Maker
No. 43000500 Golden Acorn
No. 54000Skill Plus
No. 65000500 Golden Acorn
No. 760001 Horizontal Megaphone Maker
No. 87500Garchomp
No. 985001 Vertical Whistle
No. 10100003 Garchomp Cookies
No. 11100001 Leader Bell
No. 12115005 Garchomp Cookies
No. 13125005 Garchomp Cookies
No. 14125001 Horizontal Whistle
No. 15150005 Garchomp Cookies
No. 16150005 Garchomp Cookies
No. 1725000Heaping Helping Ticket