Gengar Event

Duration: November 4th - November 18th 2020

This event was the sixth event in the game and introduced the Staff Member Gengar

Special Customers

Special Customers

Pic Name Specialty Skill
Sweets Clears icons and gimmicks in an X pattern, then sts off megaphones created in place of other surrounding icons

Special Challenge

Gengar Challenge Page 1
Have Gengar join staff1Helpers Paw
Use megaphones30Horizontal Megaphone
Clear Pokémon icons800Vertical Megaphone
Gengar Challenge Page 2
Link lots of icons to make Marvelous Combos1Skill Plus
Complete Orders15Vertical Whistle
Use Gengar's Café Skill6Leader Bell
Gengar Challenge Page 3
Combine Café Skill icons and turn them into a single powered-up Café Skill icon12Leader Bell
Clear Gengar Icons300Horizontal Whistle
Complete orders while friendship bonus is active3500 Golden Acorns
Gengar Challenge Page 4
Use megaphones120300 Golden Acorns
Complete orders with Gengar as your leader3300 Golden Acorns
Raise your friendship level with Gengar to Level 22300 Golden Acorns