Meowth's Love For Yarn

Duration: January 20th - 30th 2022

This event was the sixteenth Team Event in Pokémon Café ReMix and featured earning points to receive Meowth's love for yarn outfit.

Special Customers

Special Customers Outfits

Pic Name Specialty Skill
Mischievous Yarn

Appetite Rewards

No. 15003 Stamina
No. 28001000 Golden Acorns
No. 3120050 New Year Wheel Ticket
No. 416001000 Golden Acorns
No. 52000Meowth Mischievous Yarn
No. 627501000 Golden Acorns
No. 735003 Meowth Cookie
No. 842501000 Golden Acorns
No. 9425010 Meowth Cookie
No. 104250100 Cookies
No. 11500010 Meowth Cookie
No. 1250001000 Golden Acorns
No. 136000Meowth Mischievous Yarn
No. 1460001000 Golden Acorns
No. 157000Meowth Mischievous Yarn
No. 1670001000 Golden Acorns
No. 178000Meowth Mischievous Yarn
No. 1880001000 Golden Acorns
No. 198000Meowth Mischievous Yarn
No. 208000100 Pokémon Cookie
No. 2180001 Express Delivery Ticket