Teddiursa's Love for Honey

Duration: September 21st - October 1st 2022

This event was the tenth Team Battle event as part of Pokémon Café ReMix and includes some of the features introduced in the Points events such as boosted points when getting certain PokĂ©mon.

Special Customers

Special Customers

Pic Name Specialty Skill

Appetite Rewards

No. 1500Helping Paw
No. 28001000 Golden Acorn
No. 312001 Vertical Megaphone Maker
No. 416001000 Golden Acorn
No. 52000Skill Plus
No. 627501000 Golden Acorn
No. 735001 Horizontal Megaphone Maker
No. 84250Teddiursa
No. 942501000 Golden Acorn
No. 1042501 Vertical Whistle
No. 1150003 Teddiursa Cookies
No. 1250001000 Golden Acorn
No. 1360005 Teddiursa Cookies
No. 1460001000 Golden Acorn
No. 1570005 Teddiursa Cookies
No. 1670001000 Golden Acorn
No. 1780005 Teddiursa Cookies
No. 1880001000 Golden Acorn
No. 1980005 Teddiursa Cookies
No. 208000200 Cookies
No. 218000Special Delivery Ticket