Gameplay Mechanics

Pokémon Café Mix is the fourth in a series of puzzle games by Genius Sonority, but with it comes a change in mechanics. This page will detail all the various mechanics

Basic Gameplay

The gameplay in Pokémon Café Mix is similar to other puzzle games: your task is to match Pokémon. However, here you have to manually connect them to make a match and when doing so you can move every other Pokémon piece in the play area.

Each stage has got a specific set of tasks for you to complete and these involve getting certain scores, linking certain amounts of Pokémon at once and clearing gimmicks..

Gameplay Mechanics


Pokémon Café Mix's puzzles, much like its predecessors, include a variety of gimmicks that are implemented to alter gameplay and this time they have more intricate features

Each of these gimmicks typically appears around a specific dish, but they can mix and match so sometimes you'll get Caramel in a drink.

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Gameplay Mechanics


Friendship is a key aspect in this game. Unlike previous games where you got Pokémon at the end of the stage and had a full National Pokédex at your disposal, in this game you befriend Pokémon by making orders for them.

Each Pokémon has got a specific Friendship value for you to achieve by making orders before you can recruit them. When you recruit them, the Friendship from making orders then gets them to level up, and when they reach max level it gets them to give you gifts.

With the Pokémon going to orders, you have no control which Pokémon will appear. However, using the Party system, you can invite two Pokémon to do two stages that boost friendship.

Sometimes, you'll get a Friendship Bonus as well which will provide 3 times the friendship boost of normal.

Friendship Mechanics