Alcremie - Pokémon Café ReMix

Picture Name Specialty
Alcremie Sweets

Obtaining Methods



Powered-Up SkillMegaphone *135
Powered-Up SkillMegaphone *132Level 10


Standard SkillStandard Skill70Clears Pokémon icons and gimmicks above
Powered-Up SkillPowered-Up Skill70Clears Pokémon icons and gimmicks above, and replaces a moderate number of surrounding icons with megaphones, then sets them off

Specialty Gimmick

ImageGimmickLevelBase Description
Whipped CreamWhipped CreamLevel 3Clear up to 3 Whipped Cream by making a combo next to them
EggsEggsLevel 5Get double the contents from up to 2 Eggs by making a combo next to them
StrawberriesStrawberriesLevel 15Clear 1 Strawberries by making a combo next to it


LevelLink Value
Level 180
Level 290
Level 3100
Level 4110
Level 5120
Level 6130
Level 7140
Level 8150
Level 9160
Level 10170
Level 11180
Level 12190
Level 13200
Level 14210
Level 15220
Level 16230
Level 17240
Level 18250
Level 19260
Level 20270

Outfit Grade

Grade 1Puzzle Score +5%
Grade 2Puzzle Score +5%
Grade 3Puzzle Score +5%
Grade 4Puzzle Score +5%
EggsEggs Score +