Chandelure - Pokémon Café ReMix

Picture Name Specialty
Chandelure Entrées

Obtaining Methods

TransferTransfer from Pokémon Café Mix


Powered-Up SkillMegaphone *135


Standard SkillStandard Skill70Clears Pokémon icons and gimmicks above.
Powered-Up SkillPowered-Up Skill70Clears more Pokémon icons and gimmicks above

Specialty Gimmick

ImageGimmickLevelBase Description
MayoMayoLevel 3Clear up to 3 Mayo by making a combo next to them
KetchupKetchupLevel 5Clear up to 3 Ketchup by making a combo next to them
JellyJellyLevel 15Clear up to 2 Jelly by making a combo next to them


LevelLink Value
Level 1110
Level 2118
Level 3126
Level 4134
Level 5142
Level 6150
Level 7158
Level 8166
Level 9174
Level 10182
Level 11190
Level 12198
Level 13206
Level 14214
Level 15222
Level 16230
Level 17238
Level 18246
Level 19254
Level 20262

Outfit Grade

Grade 1Puzzle Score +5%
Grade 2Puzzle Score +5%
Grade 3Puzzle Score +5%
Grade 4Puzzle Score +5%
KetchupKetchup Score +