Mt. Thunder

Final Floor: 12F
Unlock Method: Complete Jumpluff's mission and find Zapdos
Initial Level: -
Maximum Teammates: 3
Items: Yes
Check Map: Yes
Opponents Able to Join: Yes

Mt. Thunder

#145 Zapdos

You will first encounter Zapdos as you go through the Mt. Thunder. In this encounter you won't be able to befriend it.

When you return to Mt. Thunder after saving the world in the postgame, you'll find Zapdos there. Defeat it and it'll be recruited and, if you haven't already got it yet, give you the Legendary Island Camp

Zapdos - Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX

Wild Pokémon

Number Picture Name Type
#017 Pidgeotto - Mystery Dungeon Pidgeotto
#032 Nidoran♂ - Mystery Dungeon Nidoran♂
#058 Growlithe - Mystery Dungeon Growlithe
#125 Electabuzz - Mystery Dungeon Electabuzz
#207 Gligar - Mystery Dungeon Gligar
#234 Stantler - Mystery Dungeon Stantler
#309 Electrike - Mystery Dungeon Electrike
#310 Manectric - Mystery Dungeon Manectric
#331 Cacnea - Mystery Dungeon Cacnea

Strong Foe

Number Picture Name Type
#149 Dragonite - Mystery Dungeon Dragonite
#149 Shiny Dragonite - Mystery Dungeon Dragonite