Rescue Team Camps

Rescue Team Camps, commonly known as Friend Areas, are the way for you to check on all of your recruited Pokémon. Unlocked early in the game, you will be able to visit up to 57 different camps where your Pokémon will be stored on recruiting. These each have their own biodome and group Pokémon together. The amount of Pokémon you can store increase based on your Rescue Team Rank.

Unlike the original games, you don't walk around the Camps yourself. This is presumably due to being able to add dozens of Pokémon in.

You will need to have the Pokémon's Rescue Team Camp in order to fully recruit a Pokémon. While some are given to you as standard or when you recruit certain Legendary Pokémon, others require purchasing from Wigglytuff, either in Pokémon Square or by using a Wigglytuff Orb inside a dungeon.

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Checking Pokémon

There's more to Rescue Team Camps than just looking at your Pokémon and checking out their moves & stats. Here, you can alter your Pokémon in various ways.

The Rescue Team Camps are the only location where you have the ability to make your Pokémon eat a Gummi. Whenever you get a Gummi, it's put into storage and cannot be retrieved. In the menu of the Camp, you can select any Pokémon, including your Starter & Partner, and get them to Eat Gummis, showing all the benefits as you get them.

You can also use various items including Vitamins and Seeds to boost your Pokémon's stats and the stats of their moves. Like the Gummis, these are pulled from your storaqe and your pack as standard.

Finally, you can Favourite certain Pokémon, change their nickname and release them.

Rescue Team Camps Image

List of all Rescue Team Camps

Picture Name Unlock Method
Wild Plains Wild Plains Beginning
Sky-Blue Plains Sky-Blue Plains Beginning
Beau Plains Beau Plains Purchase for 2700
Thunder Crag Thunder Crag Purchase for 600
Power Plant Power Plant Beginning
Mt. Discipline Mt. Discipline Purchase for 700
Mt. Green Mt. Green Purchase for 700
Mt. Cleft Mt. Cleft Purchase for 700
Stump Forest Stump Forest Beginning
Flyaway Forest Flyaway Forest Purchase for 500
Secretive Forest Secretive Forest Purchase for 900
Vibrant Forest Vibrant Forest Purchase for 800
Mushroom Forest Mushroom Forest Purchase for 800
Overgrown Forest Overgrown Forest Purchase for 700
Jungle Jungle Purchase for 500
Poison Swamp Poison Swamp Purchase for 7000
Safari Safari Purchase for 600
Withering Desert Withering Desert Purchase for 900
Ravaged Field Ravaged Field Purchase for 700
Scorched Plains Scorched Plains Purchase for 700
Crater Crater Purchase for 5000
Echo Cave Echo Cave Purchase for 2700
Boulder Cave Boulder Cave Purchase for 700
Frigid Cavern Frigid Cavern Purchase for 800
Tadpole Pond Tadpole Pond Purchase for 900
Turtleshell Pond Turtleshell Pond Purchase for 6000
Rub-a-Dub River Rub-a-Dub River Purchase for 3000
Gourd Swamp Gourd Swamp Purchase for 9000
Ice Floe Beach Ice Floe Beach Purchase for 6000
Shallow Beach Shallow Beach Purchase for 9000
Bountiful Sea Bountiful Sea Purchase for 9000
Serene Sea Serene Sea Purchase for 9000
Treasure Sea Treasure Sea Purchase for 9000
Deepsea Floor Deepsea Floor Purchase for 9000
Decrepit Lab Decrepit Lab Purchase for 6000
Waterfall Lake Waterfall Lake Purchase for 9000
Evolution Forest Evolution Forest Purchase for 9000
Mystic Lake Mystic Lake Purchase for 2500
Magnetic Quarry Magnetic Quarry Purchase for 700
Dragon Cave Dragon Cave Purchase for 3000
Aged Chamber A-N Aged Chamber A-N Purchase for 9000
Aged Chamber O-? Aged Chamber O-? Purchase for 9000
Ancient Relic Ancient Relic Purchase for 700
Mt. Moonview Mt. Moonview Purchase for 7000
Darkness Ridge Darkness Ridge Purchase for 800
Legendary Island Legendary Island Recruit Articuno, Zapdos & Moltres
Cryptic Cave Cryptic Cave Recruit Mewtwo
Final Island Final Island 9000 (After beating Story)
Sacred Field Sacred Field Recruit Raikou, Entei or Suicune
Deepsea Current Deepsea Current Recruit Lugia
Rainbow Peak Rainbow Peak Recruit Ho-Oh
Healing Forest Healing Forest Recruit Celebi
Southern Island Southern Island Recruit Latios & Latias
Seafloor Cave Seafloor Cave Recruit Kyogre
Volcanic Pit Volcanic Pit Recruit Groudon
Stratos Lookout Stratos Lookout Recruit Rayquaza
Enclosed Island Enclosed Island Recruit Deoxys