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Attack Combos

In the Pokémon games, there are many different strategies you could use to win against a clever foe. Some strategies can be used just to lay down an all-out assault on a foe, and some are more skilled and use a combination of defense and more adept move usage. Some Pokémon's heaviest hitting attacks rely on a combination of different moves, some more useful than others. This guide outlines some of those move combinations that you can use against an opponent. Use them on the right Pokémon, and they could be extremely dangerous.

True Combos

In Black & White, there are Combination Moves which are done by using two seperate moves with two of your Pokémon during Double or Triple battles. These moves will then combine and have an added extra effect. These effects vary from simple status afflictions to doing damage to the Pokémon. Only one of the Pokémon will do the damage to the Pokémon selected, but the effect will occur and lasts for several turns

Grass Pledge + Fire Pledge

Moves Required: Grass Pledge & Fire Pledge

When you use the move Grass Pledge and then the move Fire Pledge during a Double or Triple battle, the move will combine and create a field of fire which causes small amounts of damage to your opponents each turn.

Fire Pledge + Water Pledge

Moves Required: Fire Pledge & Water Pledge

When you use the move Fire Pledge and then the move Water Pledge during a Double or Triple battle, the move will combine and create a a rainbow over the battle area. This move increases the likelihood that any secondary effects will occur when your Pokémon use moves.

Water Pledge + Grass Pledge

Moves Required: Water Pledge & Grass Pledge

When you use the move Water Pledge and then the move Grass Pledge during a Double or Triple battle, the move will combine and turn the field into a swampy moor style area which lowers the speed of your opponent's Pokémon.

Basic Combos

In addition to the main combinations, there are numerous of other combinations spread across several turns and usable in both single and multi battles that will give you an added boost in battle. These range from doing more damage to restoring lost HP.

Charge + Electric Attack

Strategy: Charge, then use an Electric Attack for double damage.

Fusion Bolt & Fusion Flare

Strategy: If the target used the other Fusion move, then the power of your move increases.

Defense Curl + Rollout / Ice Ball

Strategy: Defense Curl first, then Rollout / Ice Ball for x2 damage.

Endure + Reversal/Flail

Strategy: When you believe that your opponent is about to strike a final blow on you, use Endure so you'll survive with 1 HP. Then use Reversal/Flail for heavy hits. Works better on faster Pokémon.

Foresight + Normal Move

Strategy: Versus a Ghost-type Pokémon, use Foresight first, then use any Normal Move you want to and it will hit for damage as it goes around the Ghost-type advantage completely.

Leech Seed + Ingrain

Strategy: Leech Seed first for damage, then Ingrain for lots of HP gain. Leftovers as a held item makes this strategy work even better.

Rain Dance + Hurricane

Strategy: Rain Dance first, then use Hurricane for 100% accuracy.

Rain Dance + Thunder

Strategy: Rain Dance first, then use Thunder for 100% accuracy.

Rest + Sleep Talk

Strategy: Rest first, then Sleep Talk. A not-so-great strategical combo because it's random.

Rest + Snore

Strategy: Rest first, then Snore for damage. Not much to say here.

Sunny Day + Solar Beam

Strategy: Sunny Day first, then Solarbeam as much as you'd like with no startup phase.

Sunny Day + Synthesis/Morning Sun/Moonlight

Strategy: Use Sunny Day, then Synthesis/Morning Sun/Moonlight to restore all HP.

Stat Up Move + Baton Pass

Strategy: Use any move to increase your Pokémon's status, then use Baton Pass to give those changes to any other Pokémon of your choice.

Weather + Weather Ball

Strategy: Using a weather move and then Weather Ball will result in Weather Ball changing type to match the weather.