Mirage Island

Mirage Island, you probably have heard of it. This Island, situated on Route 130 in Ruby & Sapphire contains one of the mysteries which has confused many and still eludes thousands of trainers worldwide.

Now this island can only be seen one way, and it's complicated. Each day, Mirage Island gets assigned a random number. Now Mirage Island only appears when a Pokémon on your team has the same number as Mirage Island's number. Now the number changes every day and it must match the Island's. It also has to be a Pokémon on your team. This makes your chances of seeing Mirage Island very rare.

What you should do, instead of surfing there every single day is do the following;

  • Go to Pacifidlog Town
  • Go to the Bottom Right House
  • Talk to the Old Man there

    If he says he cannot see Mirage Island, then none of your party's Numbers match that of Mirage Island' you'll have to keep trying. If he says he can see it, then leave and surf to it


    Liechi BerryNow Mirage Island in looks is rather basic. It has grass, and a special Berry plot that gets you a new found nowhere else, the Liechi Berry.

    However that is not all it has, the grass contains one Pokémon, and one Pokémon only...Wynaut, The Pre-evolved form of Wobbuffet. It's levels range from Level 5 to Level 50 so be prepared for any kind of battle.

    However should you make your way to Mirage Island, be warned as it'll be gone within a day. But don't be dismayed if you cannot get it, many of the expert trainers go through the entire game without seeing it




    The Secret Mirage Island
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