Lowest PokéBall Levels

When trading within the games Pokémon Sun & Moon, there is no way to check the legitimacy of Pokémon you receive from random people on the internet. As such, a list detailing the minimum levels of each Pokémon within each possible PokéBall has been compiled. This list will continually be updated with all events and additions brought on by new games. This list will also cover all the Pokémon as they have been captured from Ruby & Sapphire onwards until Sun & Moon and even includes events and the side-games when transfer capability is given. As of Sun & Moon, even genderless and male only Pokémon can now pass balls Hover over the level to view details including where to capture the Pokémon at that particular level, and in what game. For all balls except PokéBall, Cherish Ball and Master Ball, it lists two levels for base Pokémon: A level for breeding the Pokémon, and a level for it being in the wild.

From the Generation VII listings, all the Pokémon listed are those with the native mark, so the Gen VII listings are only for Pokémon with the Black Clover mark

Gen VII Pokémon Listings
001-151 | 152-251 | 252-386 | 387-493 | 494-649 | 650-721 | 722-807 | Let's Go (001-809)

Gen VI Pokémon Listings
001-151 | 152-251 | 252-386 | 387-493 | 494-649 | 650-719

Gen V Pokémon Listings
001-151 | 152-251 | 252-386 | 387-493 | 494-649

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