Quick Pokémon Training

This simple, yet not so simple guide is to assist trainers in making it easier on themselves to make the "perfect" Pokemon for their team. Mind you, to set most of this up requires some hard work, but it will pay off in the end dearly.


The first part of obtaining that perfect Pokemon is usually breeding. Breeding is a task that takes a while, but there are ways to shorten the time. You have probably noticed that the Daycare center man sometimes says different things when you're Pokemon are at the center. This will tell you approximately how fast your Pokemon will produce eggs. I won't go into formulas and such, but I'll cut to the chase. Pokemon with ID Numbers and OTs will breed faster than Pokemon that are from the same trainer. Pokemon of the same species (I haven't checked if this applies to different evolutionary stages) will breed faster than Pokemon of different species. This leaves you with 3 different scenarios when it comes to breeding.

The fastest and best possible scenario: Different ID/Same Species
Second fastest: Different ID/Different Species or Same ID/Same Species
The slowest and worst possible scenario: Same ID/Different Species

So, make sure your Pokemon are traded and are of its own kind to yield the best results.

Another tip for breeding is to make sure that the parents are at a high enough level that they learn no more attacks (Pokemon learn level up attacks automatically in daycare). Also make sure that they already have attacks that are passable to the child so you don't have to spend time and/or money waiting for the newborn to learn them. This also helps them to be able to fend for themselves during the level-up stage.

Third tip for breeding which doesn't increase speed directly is know how moves are passed from parent to child. Moves are categorized into 3 types for breeding; TM/HM, Level-up, and Egg. These moves can be passed on from parent to child if certain requirements are met.

TM/HM moves require that the father know them and the baby is able to learn the original TM/HM.

Level-up moves require that both the mother and father know the move, and the baby is able to learn the move from leveling up.

Egg moves are moves that the baby cannot learn from leveling up or TMs/HMs. These moves only require the father to know them. Check the Pokedex for egg moves of a particular species.

The final part to breeding is hatching the egg. There really isn't anything you can do except hop on your mach bike and get riding. If you are lucky to have Emerald, you can cut your time in half by having any of the following Pokemon in your party: Slugma, Magcargo, Camerupt, Magmar, Magby with either the Magma Armor or Flame Body abilities.

~Effort Point (EP) training Shortcuts~

I'll be brief here. You can take advantage of Secret bases by having special EP bases which have a full team of a certain Pokemon that provite 3 EP at low levels. If you have multiple copies of Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, you can create one base for each stat. The following shows the best Pokemon for each stat:

HP - Wigglytuff - Level 3
Jigglypuff can be caught on the route that leads up to Mt. Moon in FireRed and LeafGreen. If you can capture 6 of them at Level 3, evolve them to Wigglytuff with the Moon Stone. Each Wigglytuff will provide 3 EP in HP.

Attack - Shiftry - Level 15
Take 6 Seedot from Ruby, evolve them to Nuzleaf at level 15, then evolve them to Shiftry with Leaf Stones. Each Shiftry will provite 3 EP in Attack.

Defense - Golem - Level 25
Lake 6 Geodude, evolve them to Graveler at level 25, thene evolve them again to Golem via trade. Each Golem will provide 3 EP in Defense.

Speed - Raichu - Level 3
If you are lucky enough to capture 6 Pikachu at level 3 in Viridian Forest in FireRed and LeafGreen, evolve them with Thunder Stones and trade them to R/S/E. Each Raichu will provite 3 EP in Speed.

Special Attack - Beautifly - Level 10
Special Defense - Dustox - Level 10
For these two bug types, capture 6 Silcoon and 6 Cascoon in the first forest of R/S/E and evolve them to their respective evolutions. Don't bother with wurmple, since you can't tell what they'll evolve to. Each Beautifly will provite you with 3 EP in Special Attack, and each Dustox will provide 3 EP in Special Defense.

Now, if you are able to get those, you now have teams that provide the highest EP in each stat at the lowest possible level. Trade them to a different cartridge than your breeding center and scramble trainer cards so they appear in the secret base of the respective game. Everyday you can battle the team and earn a total of 18 EP in their respective stat, 36 with a Macho Brace or PokeRUS, and 72 with both attached. This allows for 2 battles of training in the stat of your choice to max out EP if you also used Vitamines.

~Leveling up~

The final and probably longest part of training, leveling up. I've probably bored you with statistics and such so I'll cut to the chase again. There are a few things you can do to level up your pokemon faster:

Rare Candy (Each increases level by 1)
Trade (A Pokemon that's not with its original trainer will gain double EXP)
Lucky Egg (A hold item that doubles EXP)

Rare Candies are obvious, but sometimes hard to come by so I won't cover that. Now, finding the perfect place to battle for leveling up can sometimes be hard, but FireRed and LeafGreen offer up the best Level Up location, the Elite Four Round 2. The Elite four's second round (ask on the forums or chat how to get there) offer higher level Pokemon (in the 60's to 70's). With that, you can level them up in no time. Trading will cut the time in half and is easy to do. The Lucky Egg hold item is hard to come by. IF you are lucky enough to capture a Chansey holding one, DO NOT GIVE/TRADE/SELL IT (unless its to me... hehe). Trading, in combination with using the Lucky Egg will cut training time to 1/4 of the original WOW!!!

That's all I can think of for this guide, hope it helps. HAPPY TRAINING!!!

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