Regional Forms

Regional Forms are alternate forms of Pokémon based upon the region they are caught or hatched. This changes the Pokémon's appearance. This allows for old Pokémon to be used a different way than expected

Alola Forms

Alola Forms, otherwise known as Alolan Forms, are the Pokémon changed in Alola. They are all Pokémon whose species originated in Kanto. There are 18 different Alolan Form Pokémon.

List of Alolan Forms

Alolan Pokémon
Alolan Rattata
Alolan Raticate
Alolan Raichu
Alolan Sandshrew
Alolan Sandslash
Alolan Vulpix
Alolan Ninetales
Alolan Diglett
Alolan Dugtrio
Alolan Meowth
Alolan Persian
Alolan Geodude
Alolan Graveler
Alolan Golem
Alolan Grimer
Alolan Muk
Alolan Exeggutor
Alolan Marowak

Galarian Forms

Galarian Forms are the Pokémon changed in Galarian. These Pokémon introduce the first time there are Regional Forms of Legendary Pokémon and 6 of these Galarian Form Pokémon can evolve further, beyond what could be possible.

List of Galarian Forms

Galarian Pokémon
Galarian Meowth
Galarian Ponyta
Galarian Rapidash
Galarian Slowpoke
Galarian Slowbro
Galarian Farfetch'd
Galarian Weezing
Galarian Mr. Mime
Galarian Articuno
Galarian Zapdos
Galarian Moltres
Galarian Slowing
Galarian Corsola
Galarian Zigzagoon
Galarian Linoone
Galarian Darumaka
Galarian Darmanitan
Galarian Yamask
Galarian Stunfisk

Hisuian Forms

Hisuian Forms are Pokémon found in the Hisui Region, the region now known as Sinnoh. They are available within Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Even though Basculin isn't labelled as a Hisuian Basculin, it is considered a Hisuian Form.

List of Hisuian Forms

Hisuian Pokémon
Hisuian Growlithe
Hisuian Arcanine
Hisuian Voltorb
Hisuian Electrode
Hisuian Typhlosion
Hisuian Qwilfish
Hisuian Sneasel
Hisuian Samurott
Hisuian Lilligant
Basculin White-Striped Form
Hisuian Zorua
Hisuian Zoroark
Hisuian Braviary
Hisuian Sliggoo
Hisuian Goodra
Hisuian Avalugg
Hisuian Decidueye

Paldean Forms

Paldean Forms are Pokémon found in the Hisui Region, the region now known as Sinnoh. They are available within Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

List of Paldean Forms

Paldean Pokémon
Paldean Wooper
Paldean Wooper
Paldean Tauros
Paldean Tauros