As Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire are remakes, the characters you'll encounter within the game remain largely unchanged. However, there are some differences so this page is to run down the main characters you will encounter in your travels.

Brendan & May
English Name: Brendan & May
Jp. Name: Yuki & Haruka

Like many Pokémon games, you will encounter the other playable character in these games. They will travel on their journey and you will battle them throughout it

Professor Birch
English Name: Professor Birch
Jp. Name: Dr. Odamaki

Professor Birch is the Pokémon Professor of the region. When you first encounter him, he is under attack from a Poochyena and requires your help. This is where you choose your starter Pokémon and when you have saved him, he will allow for you to keep it. He is good friends with your father

Steven Stone
English Name: Steven Stone
Jp. Name: Daigo

Steven Stone is the son of the president of the Devon Corporation and is a character who is into the research of various stones. In a new addition to this game, he is also studying to discover the secrets of Mega Evolution.

English Name: Aarune
Jp. Name: Gilley

Aarune is a new character introduced within these games. He is known around the world as a Secret Base Expert and, while travelling the world, has settled in Hoenn. He will help you with Secret Bases and helps decide your rank with them. He will battle you and has a Flygon.

English Name: Lisia
Jp. Name: Lucia

Lissia is one of the biggest Contest Idols in the game and is widely loved in the Hoenn region. She is partnered with Altaria and gives you help throughout the game, such as giving you special clothes to wear in Pokémon Contests.

English Name: Wally
Jp. Name: Michiru

Wally is a rather timid boy who is starting out on his Pokémon journey. Throughout yours, you will encounter him a couple of times and help him catch his first Pokémon. Towards the end of the game, he will have a Mega Gallade.