The DexNav is a brand new feature that appears on first sights to be a derivation of both the PokéRadar and the shaking spots that exist in Pokémon X & Y. Using this feature of the PokéNav Plus, you have the ability to hunt for various Pokémon.

As you are in the various routes, caves or in the water, there will occassionally be a Pokémon appear from the grass or water. You will see a shadowed form of the Pokémon, with some Pokémon like Poochyena, Skitty, Pikachu and Zigzagoon having special imagery, appear. From there, you need to sneak up on the Pokémon to begin a wild encounter with that Pokémon. If you move too fast, use the D-Pad, or are on a Bike, you will scare the Pokémon away. In caves and water, the Pokémon will often move causing you to change your strategy. You can't sneak when you have the Dowsing Machine equipped

When this occurs, the Dex Nav will activate and when activated, it will show you the Pokémon that you are finding, and more. In addition to this, if you approach a Pokémon in the overworld, you'll have the ability to scan them using the DexNav, which adds them to your Pokédex.

DexNav - Interface

When you are in each area, if you have the DexNav open on the bottom screen, you will see a small screen with the layout of the area done in the GBA style. Overlayed on this will be a variety of Pokémon. As you see more Pokémon, this will increase. Pokémon you have only seen and not caught will appear as transparent silhouettes. This showcases all Pokémon that are in the grass, ground, found while surfing or fishing

When you capture Pokémon, however, they appear fully on this. If you tap them on the interface, you have the ability to check their Pokédex entry, or to search for them. If you search for them and it finds them, then they will appear in a spot. To top that off, if you're hunting for a Pokémon normally found by fishing, it will appear in the water among the possible Surf Pokémon, which is very handy.

As you collect Pokémon, you may notice a crown of Bronze, Silver,Gold and Platinum. These crowns are used to indicate if you have obtained all of the Pokémon through each of the methods: Walking, Surfing, Fishing and DexNav exclusive. The more you capture, the better the crown.

DexNav - Levels & Features

The DexNav for each Pokémon is a unique thing. In these games, the Pokédex tracks the amount of times you have encountered the specific Pokémon. For each time you encounter them, either in the wild, in the overworld, or owned by a trainer in the game, then the level increases and is also viewable in the Pokédex under "Times Encountered". As the level increases, then the chances of additional features increases

When the Pokémon's entry in the DexNav is of a higher level, then you will see more of the Pokémon as you approach it.

  • Type: You will see the Pokémon's type
  • Level: You will see the Pokémon's level. If it's at a higher DexNav Level, then the wild level may increase
  • Potential: You will see the Pokémon's potential. This is their IVs and is designated by three stars. For each filled star, it has an IV of 31
  • Hold item: You will see the Pokémon's hold item. For the higher level on DexNav, you will start to find rare items not normally found on the Pokémon, such as Lucky Egg on Pelipper, Power Herb on Seedot etc. Click here for a list of items that some Pokémon only hold with DexNav
  • Ability: You will see the Pokémon's ability. For the higher level on DexNav, you will start get a chance to find its Hidden Ability.
  • First Move: You will see the Pokémon's first move. This is either it's normal move, or an Egg Move. As the DexNav level increases, you will start seeing more Egg Moves known by the Pokémon.

As your Search Level increases, as does your Shiny Chance. This has got specific values on specific chain numbers and sometimes has a random 4% boost to it. As such, Encounter 50 and Encounter 100 will have very high chances of encountering a Shiny while all other chain chances will have a set value.

Search LevelAll Unlisted Chain Values without 4% Random BoostAny Multiple of 5 besides 0, 50, 100

Any Unlisted Chain Values with 4% Random Boost
Encounter 50Encounter 100
Without Shiny Charm
With Shiny Charm

The other bonsues all increase as your Search Level increases, offering better chances at certain elements including Item Rates, Hidden Abilities and more.

BoostSearch Level
Hidden Ability Rate0%0%5%15%20%25%
Egg Move Rate20%50%55%60%65%80%
"50%" Item Rate40%40%45%50%50%50%
"5%" Item Rate10%10%15%20%20%30%
1 IV (1* potential)0%10%15%20%15%10%
2 IV (2* potential)0%0%10%15%20%25%
3 IV (3* potential)0%0%0%5%5%10%
DexNav - Chaining

A lesser known feature of the DexNav is the ability to chain. When you get a hit and encounter a Pokémon, if you capture or defeat it, then immediately afterwards you will be able to search for it again and you are almost guaranteed to find one. If you do this repeatedly, then the chances of getting hold items, hidden abilities, egg moves and higher IVs is increased. The specifics on how much these are increased by is being calculated.

After you have encountered it 5 times, then the base level increases by 1 so Pokémon that would appear at Level 35 now appear at Level 36. This happens every 5 Pokémon in your chain. This continues on until they're up to 20 levels higher than normal, 30 levels if it gets the Level boost, and then will reset to normal. As your chain increases, the Pokémon will disappear quicker, or in the case of caves and in water, they will move spot very quickly causing you to have to sneak up on them faster and thus increasing the chance of your chain breaking. If you have a different wild encounter during the chain, then it will break. If you run from the Pokémon, then the chain will break..

DexNav - National Pokédex

After you have done the story with Primal Groudon & Primal Kyogre, you can go to Professor Birch and receive the National Pokédex. When you receive it, Professor Birch will inform you that the shift in the climate encouraged a variety of new Pokémon to appear within the region. In various routes, you will now discover non-Hoenn Pokédex Pokémon in the grasses and waters across Hoenn. Most areas now have three of these Pokémon and they can only be obtained by the special spots that activate DexNav. These can actually be found before getting the National Pokédex but after the story with Primal Groudon/Kyogre

Location Pokémon
Route 101
Lillipup Sewaddle Zorua
Route 102
Lillipup Tympole Gothita
Route 103
Shellos Chatot Lillipup
Route 104
Chatot Pidove Sewaddle
Route 105
Omega RubyKrabby Frillish Skrelp
Alpha SapphireKrabby Frillish Clauncher
Route 106
Omega RubyKrabby Frillish Skrelp
Alpha SapphireKrabby Frillish Clauncher
Route 107
Omega RubyKrabby Frillish Skrelp
Alpha SapphireKrabby Frillish Clauncher
Route 108
Omega RubyKrabby Frillish Skrelp
Alpha SapphireKrabby Frillish Clauncher
Route 109
Omega RubyKrabby Frillish Skrelp
Alpha SapphireKrabby Frillish Clauncher
Route 110
Shellos Chatot Trubbish
Route 111
Gible Sandile Dwebble
Route 112
Omega RubyPonyta Tyrogue Throh
Alpha SapphirePonyta Tyrogue Sawk
Route 113
Scraggy Bouffalant Klefki
Route 114
Misdreavus Skorupi Tympole
Route 115
Clefairy Misdreavus Pidove
Route 116
Eevee Pidove Joltik
Route 117
Rattata Tympole Deerling
Route 118
Raticate Aipom Luxio
Route 121
Hypno Aipom Elgyem
Route 122
Finneon Frillish Alomomola
Route 124
Finneon Frillish Alomomola
Route 125
Seel Finneon Frillish
Route 126
Finneon Frillish Alomomola
Route 127
Finneon Frillish Alomomola
Route 128
Finneon Frillish Alomomola
Route 129
Finneon Frillish Alomomola
Route 130
Finneon Frillish Alomomola
Route 131
Finneon Frillish Alomomola
Route 132
Finneon Frillish Alomomola
Route 133
Finneon Frillish Alomomola
Route 134
Finneon Frillish Alomomola
Petalburg Woods
Paras Cottonee Phantump
Granite Cave
Onix Timburr Axew
Fiery Path
Diglett Tyrogue Roggenrola
Jagged Pass
Mankey Ponyta Tyrogue
Safari Zone
Kakuna Pidgeotto Buneary
Meteor Falls
Clefairy Druddigon Deino
Shoal Cave
Dewgong Delibird Cubchoo
Mt. Pyre
Growlithe Bronzor Elgyem