Cosplay Pikachu

Cosplay Pikachu is a brand new form that is introduced in Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. This Pikachu is different to the normal Pikachu you find in-game, and has a distinctive marking on its tail. It is given to you after you have competed in your first contest. It cannot breed or evolve

Male Pikachu Female Pikachu Cosplay Pikachu
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There are special things that this Pikachu can do, however. It can change is appearance to match each of the Pokémon Contest types

Changing Costume

To change costume, you need to simply go to the wardrobe in a Contest Hall and speak to the attendant. She will ask you what clothes you want to dress your Pikachu in based upon your choice in Contest stat. However, these choices are not purely cosmetic.

Each Pikachu gets roaring applause in their specific Contest type, and they also have the ability to learn a special move, one that Pikachu cannot learn on its own. This move also matches the Pokémon Contest type.

Cosplay Pikachu Types

Picture Name Type Special Move
Photo Pikachu Rock Star Coolness Meteor Mash
Photo Pikachu Belle Beautiful Icicle Crash
Photo Pikachu Pop Star Cuteness Draining Kiss
Photo Pikachu Ph. D. Smart Electric Terrain
Photo Pikachu Libre Toughness Flying Press