Downloadable Content: Battle Pack
J. Release Date: January 11th 2018 (Pre-Purchase), January 31st 2018 (Wave 1), March 23rd 2018 (Wave 2)
Price: Ł13.49/$14.99/€14.99/1500¥
Requires Game Completion?: No

This first downloadable content gives you access to two different waves of content. Wave 1 is available in January 2018 while Wave 2 in March 2018. Each wave contains various content, each with 1 Pokémon and 1 set of support Pokémon as well as various items

Wave 1
Pokémon Support Clothing Titles Other
Aegislash Mimikyu & Mega Rayquaza Aegislash T-Shirt Set
Sideways Cap Short Hair (Male)
Sideways Cap Long Hair (Female)
Male Jacket Set
Female Jacket Set
Layered T-Shirt Set (Male)
Bohemian Dress Set (Female)
Wave 2
Pokémon Support Clothing Titles Other
Blastoise Mew & Celebi TBC TBC TBC

When you purchase the Battle Pack, you also get the Laurel Wreath (Green) & (Gold) backgrounds as well as the "Ray of Light" and "Official Advsior" titles.

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