Downloadable Content: Battle Pack
J. Release Date: January 11th 2018 (Pre-Purchase), January 31st 2018 (Wave 1), March 23rd 2018 (Wave 2)
Price: Ł13.49/$14.99/€14.99/1500¥
Requires Game Completion?: No

This first downloadable content gives you access to two different waves of content. Wave 1 is available in January 2018 while Wave 2 in March 2018. Each wave contains various content, each with 1 Pokémon and 1 set of support Pokémon as well as various items

Wave 1
Pokémon Support Clothing Titles Other
Aegislash Mimikyu & Mega Rayquaza Aegislash T-Shirt Set
Sideways Cap Short Hair (Male)
Sideways Cap Long Hair (Female)
Male Jacket Set
Female Jacket Set
Layered T-Shirt Set (Male)
Bohemian Dress Set (Female)
Practice Makes Perfect
Aegislash Fan
Sky High
Rascally Rag
New Outfit for Nia
Wave 2
Pokémon Support Clothing Titles Other
Blastoise Mew & Celebi Blastoise T-Shirt Set
Two Tone Hair
Swimming Goggles
Light Shawl
Rock Out Set
Diamond Shell
Blastoise Befriender
One Under The Sun
Transcending Time
Two New Outfits for Nia

When you purchase the Battle Pack, you also get the Laurel Wreath (Green) & (Gold) backgrounds as well as the "Ray of Light" and "Official Advsior" titles.