The Ferrum League is the main story mode of Pokkén Tournament DX and features a variety of aspects in order for you to play. However, much of it is unchanged from the Wii U version and everything unlocked in the prior game is now also available right away. However, there is a new feature to each league.

Ferrum League
Players: 1

The Ferrum League is the main part of the game. In this, you have to battle through various leagues, defeating trainers to increase your rtank. This is the story mode of the game and features a variety of trainers as well as the mysterious story of Shadow Mewtwo.

There are multiple ranks to play through and they unlock as you progress through them all.

League Rank Unlock Method
Green League Rank D From Beginning
Blue League Rank C Defeat Green League
Red League Rank B Defeat Blue League
Chroma League Rank A Defeat Red League
Iron League Rank S Defeat Chroma League and roll credits
League Match

The League Match is the bulk of this mode. In this mode, you go through 5 battles against other trainers in order to rank up. Whether you win or lose is unimportant but your overall rank in the league increases based on your progress. Each league has got a specific number of characters within that you share the rankings with, but you do not need to face them all

League Participants
Green League 40
Blue League 60
Red League 80
Chroma League 90
Iron League 100

Once you have reached the top 8 in League Match, you will be able to qualify for the Tournament. This is a Knockout competition and will go through a tournament bracket until you emerge triumphant. As such, only three battles will be in place in this mode as you go through and become champion

When you win the Tournament, you will get a variety of prizes.

League Prizes
Green League 1,000,000PG
Blue League 2,000,000PG
Red League 3,000,000PG
Chroma League 4,000,000PG
Iron League 5,000,000PG
Promotion Test

Once you have beaten the Tournament, you can then move up to the next rank. However, to do so you need to defeat the leader of the league in a battle. These leaders are the strongest opponents in each league so require a lot of skill compared to previous matches. Once defeated, you will get prizes such as more Support Pokémon as well as move up to the next rank. In the Iron League, this is the final match of the story

League Opponent Pokémon
Green League Travis Garchomp
Blue League Keith Suicune
Red League Elinn Braixen
Chroma League Glenn Machamp
Iron League Alyssa Pikachu
Free Battle

Free Battle is simply the mode that has you play against a random character from the league for a quick match which doesn't impact your record or ranking in the league

Mission Panels

Mission Panels are a new element to the Ferrum League mode. Each league has got its own Mission Panels where you are given a variety of tasks to complete. These range from getting certain amount of wins to using certain Supports and even recovering Hit Points in one match. Completing these gives you a variety of rewards including exclusive titles, avatar backgrounds and coins.