Support Pokémon

A special feature of this game is the ability to bring in Support Pokémon with you. When you start a match, you get to choose a support set which contains two Pokémon and then, at the start of each round you have to select one. You can then activate these Support Pokémon using the L button. After they are used, they will need to recharge before they can be used once more. You can choose the Pokémon in the selectedset at the start of each round.

While in the multiplayer modes, Single Battle and Training modes you can select any of the Support Sets, when you go to the Ferrum League you only get a choice of three Support sets. These can be altered in the My Town area of the game under the Pokémon settings at any time.

There are a total of 16 Support sets, each with their own unique effects which can both aid you and hinder your enemy.

There are three types of Support Attacks: Attack, which just does damage, Disrupt which can damage but also has a massive effect on the opponent, and Enhance which boosts your capabilities.

Support Pokémon

Picture Pokémon Names Attacks Attack Style Unlock Method
Emolga & Fennekin Emolga & Fennekin Shock Wave & Ember Attack & Disrupt Beginning
Snivy & Lapras Snivy & Lapras Leaf Tornado & Surf Attack & Atack Beginning
Frogadier & Eevee Frogadier & Eevee Water Pulse & Helping Hand Attack & Enhance Beginning
Cubone & Diglett Cubone & Diglett Bonemerang & Dig Attack & Attack Beginning
Jirachi & Whimsicott Jirachi & Whimsicott Wish & Substitute Enhance & Enhance Beginning
Croagunk & Sylveon Croagunk & Sylveon Toxic & Reflect Disrupt & Enhance Beginning
Pachirisu & Magikarp Pachirisu & Magikarp Follow Me & Bounce Disrupt & Disrupt Beginning
Mismagius & Ninetales Mismagius & Ninetales Ominous Wind & Will-O-Wisp Attack & Disrupt Beginning
Rotom & Togekiss Rotom & Togekiss Thunder Shock & Tailwind Disrupt & Enhance Beginning
Farfetch'd & Electrode Farfetch'd & Electrode Fury Cutter & Explosion Attack & Disrupt Beginning
Dragonite & Victini Dragonite & Victini Draco Meteor & V-create Attack & Enhance Beginning
Espeon & Umbreon Espeon & Umbreon Morning Sun & Snarl Enhance & Disrupt Beginning
Reshiram & Cresselia Reshiram & Cresselia Blue Flare & Lunar Dance Attack & Enhance Beginning
Magneton & Quagsire Magneton & Quagsire Tri Attack & Mud Bomb Attack & Attack Beginning
Yveltal & Latios Yveltal & Latios Oblivion Wing & Luster Purge Attack & Disrupt Beginning
Litten & Popplio Litten & Popplio Fire Fang & Bubble Attack & Enhance Beginning
Mega Rayquaza & Mimikyu Mega Rayquaza & Mimikyu Dragon Ascent & Play Rough Attack & Disrupt Downloadable Content
Mew & Celebi Mew & Celebi Miraculous Power & Time Travel Enhance & Disrupt Downloadable Content