Pokkén Tournament DX is an enhanced version of its predecessor on Wii U. With this, it adds a variety of new characters to its line-up within the Support Pokémon. This page will be updated with full details on all Support Pokémon before launch


US Name: Litten
Jp. Name: Nyabby

Type: Fire
Style: Attack

First Appearance: Pokémon Sun & Moon

Litten uses the move Fire Fang which causes damage to the opponent, sending them upwards into the air where an explosion does further damage.


US Name: Popplio
Jp. Name: Ashimari

Type: Water
Style: Enhance

First Appearance: Pokémon Sun & Moon

Popplio uses Bubble. This causes your Attack to increase and gives you a second jump to allow for more aerial action for the duration of the effect.