In the game, Group Matches are a feature that allow for you to set special tournaments to play and share with your friends. However, from time to time, official Group Matches will be held, and these give special gifts in the forms of titles. Most titles are just standard FSBC ones for ranking high, but each one has its own participation title.

Dark NovaFSBC Dark Nova Cup October 5th - October 7th 2018 Basic Battle Dark Nova
Fairy TempestFSBC Fairy Tempest Cup September 21st - September 23rd 2018 Team Battle Fairy Tempest
Shadow DropFSBC Shadow Drop Cup September 7th - September 9th 2018 Basic Battle Shadow Drop
PsydisasterFSBC Psydisaster Cup August 12th - August 19th 2018 Team Battle Psydisaster
Deep Blue MonarchFSBC Deep Blue Monarch Cup August 3rd - August 6th Basic Battle Deep Blue Monarch
Gatling Flame KicksFSBC Gatling Flame Kicks Cup July 20th - July 22nd 2018 Team Battle Gatling Flame Kicks
Final FlickerFSBC Final Flicker Cup July 6th - July 9th Basic Battle Final Flicker
Alter Ego ArmyFSBC Alter Ego Army Cup June 15th - June 17th 2018 Team Battle Alter Ego Army
True Sheer ColdFSBC True Sheer Cold Cup June 1st - June 3rd 2018 Basic Battle True Sheer Cold
Infinite EclipseFSBC Infinite Eclipse Cup May 18th - May 20th 2018 Team Battle Infinite Eclipse
Sonic SlashFSBC Sonic Slash Cup May 4th - May 6th 2018 Basic Battle Sonic Slash
Volt Shock FistFSBC Volt Shock Fist Cup April 25th - May 3rd 2018 Basic Battle Volt Shock Fist
Outrage SmasherFSBC Outrage Smasher Cup April 20th - April 22nd 2018 Team Battle Outrage Smasher
Searing BlazeFSBC Searing Blaze Cup April 6th - April 8th 2018 Basic Battle Searing Blaze
Destructive CannonFSBC Destructive Cannon Cup March 23rd - March 25th 2018 Team Battle Destructive Cannon
Forests FlashFSBC Forests Flash Cup March 9th - March 11th 2018 Basic Battle Forests Flash
Underworld RulerFSBC Underworld Ruler Cup February 23rd - February 25th 2018 Team Battle Underworld Ruler
PsyfirecrackerFSBC Psyfirecracker Cup February 9th - February 12th 2018 Basic Battle Psyfirecracker
Dynamic FuryFSBC Dynamic Fury Cup January 19th - January 21st 2018 Team Battle Dynamic Fury
Volt Shock FistFSBC Volt Shock Fist Cup January 1st - January 8th 2018 Basic Battle Volt Shock Fist
Thunderclap PressFSBC Thunderclap Press Cup December 22nd - December 31st 2017 Team Battle Thunderclap Press
Iron Meteor DiveFSBC Iron Meteor Dive Cup December 8th - December 11th 2017 Basic Battle Iron Meteor Dive
Shining FeatherFSBC Shining Feather Cup November 24th - November 27th 2017 Team Battle Shining Feather
Aura BlastFSBC Aura Blast Cup November 17th - November 20th Basic Battle Aura Blast