Battle Agency

The Battle Agency is a new facility within the Festival Plaza. This facility is loosely based on the Battle Factory of Hoenn and Sinnoh and allows for you to rent various Pokémon in order to use them in a Single Battle.

The difference in the Battle Agency is that you pick one random Pokémon and then need to get the second and third Pokémon from your teams by recruiting players you have interacted with in the Festival Plaza. The more players you interact with, the better the range of Pokémon that you will receive.

Battle Agency - Building

When you have battled in enough battles and your grade goes up, then you will receive a number of Festival Coins. If you increase a grade after the battle then you will receive a Rare Candy. If you battle a boss and win, you will get a Gold Bottle Cap. You will get 5 Festival Coins even if you lose every battle

Grades are important because as you go up a grade, your Pokémon options go up a Level so if you're Grade 1 your Pokémon and your opponents Pokémon will be Level 51, Grade 2 and Level 52 etc.. This means that as you progress, recruiting the same people who are say Grade 0 would not be wise as you'd be at a level disadvantage.

Grade Level Rounds Until Next Level 1 Win Reward 2 Win Reward 3 Win Reward
Grade 0Lv. 50120 FC65 FC200 FC
Grade 1Lv. 51125 FC75 FC215 FC
Grade 2Lv. 52130 FC85 FC230 FC
Grade 3Lv. 53135 FC95 FC245 FC
Grade 4Lv. 54140 FC105 FC260 FC
Grade 5Lv. 55145 FC115 FC275 FC
Grade 6Lv. 56150 FC125 FC290 FC
Grade 7Lv. 57155 FC135 FC305 FC
Grade 8Lv. 58160 FC145 FC320 FC
Grade 9Lv. 59165 FC155 FC335 FC
Grade 10Lv. 60270 FC165 FC350 FC
Grade 11Lv. 61275 FC175 FC365 FC
Grade 12Lv. 62280 FC185 FC380 FC
Grade 13Lv. 63285 FC195 FC395 FC
Grade 14Lv. 64290 FC205 FC410 FC
Grade 15Lv. 65295 FC215 FC425 FC
Grade 16Lv. 662100 FC225 FC440 FC
Grade 17Lv. 672105 FC235 FC455 FC
Grade 18Lv. 682110 FC245 FC470 FC
Grade 19Lv. 692115 FC255 FC485 FC
Grade 20Lv. 703120 FC265 FC500 FC
Grade 21Lv. 713125 FC275 FC515 FC
Grade 22Lv. 723130 FC285 FC530 FC
Grade 23Lv. 733135 FC295 FC545 FC
Grade 24Lv. 743140 FC305 FC560 FC
Grade 25Lv. 753145 FC315 FC575 FC
Grade 26Lv. 763150 FC325 FC590 FC
Grade 27Lv. 773155 FC335 FC605 FC
Grade 28Lv. 783160 FC345 FC620 FC
Grade 29Lv. 793165 FC355 FC635 FC
Grade 30Lv. 804170 FC365 FC650 FC
Grade 31Lv. 814175 FC375 FC665 FC
Grade 32Lv. 824180 FC385 FC680 FC
Grade 33Lv. 834185 FC395 FC695 FC
Grade 34Lv. 844190 FC405 FC710 FC
Grade 35Lv. 854195 FC415 FC725 FC
Grade 36Lv. 864200 FC425 FC740 FC
Grade 37Lv. 874205 FC435 FC755 FC
Grade 38Lv. 884210 FC445 FC770 FC
Grade 39Lv. 894215 FC455 FC785 FC
Grade 40Lv. 905220 FC465 FC800 FC
Grade 41Lv. 915225 FC475 FC815 FC
Grade 42Lv. 925230 FC485 FC830 FC
Grade 43Lv. 935235 FC495 FC845 FC
Grade 44Lv. 945240 FC505 FC860 FC
Grade 45Lv. 955245 FC515 FC875 FC
Grade 46Lv. 965250 FC525 FC890 FC
Grade 47Lv. 975255 FC535 FC905 FC
Grade 48Lv. 985260 FC545 FC920 FC
Grade 49Lv. 995265 FC555 FC935 FC
Grade 50Lv. 100 270 FC565 FC935 FC

There are 50 Grades which take you up to Level 100 for your Pokémon and your opponents. At the end of every 10 grades, you will get a boss battle After this, whenever you clear a round you will receive a Gold Bottle Cap. As you reach Grade 10, there will be special battle settings for the day. This sets specific weather and terrains that you will need to adapt your teams and strategies towards

Effect Activation Level
SunshineGrade 10 onwards
RainGrade 10 onwards
HailGrade 16 onwards
SandstormGrade 16 onwards
Electric TerrainGrade 21 onwards
Misty TerrainGrade 21 onwards
Grassy TerrainGrade 31 onwards
Psychic TerrainGrade 31 onwards
Extremely Harsh SunlightGrade 41 onwards
Heavy RainGrade 41 onwards
Strong WindsGrade 41 onwards

Battle Agency - Recruiting

After each bout in the Battle Agency, the three Pokémon at your disposal will change. When you're ready to play, you will need to select one of the three Pokémon. Then, you need to select teammates. These are players you can see in Festival Plaza right now if you're on local wireless or online, or players you have assigned as VIPs. Players you meet online need to be online to use them, but VIPs can be used for up to 5 days from the last time you were both online.

Each player has got a Pokémon assigned to them so you'll know which to use, and the Pokémon each player has is based on either the last Pokémon they recruited in their game or a random Pokémon which changes each day. Staying online will get you more players because you need not have interacted with them. This allows for you to collect more Pokémon to use so you can obtain a more well rounded collection of Pokémon to use.

Battle Agency - Opponents and Bosses

The pool for trainer opponents you face is identical to the Battle Tree with many returning trainers. These trainers are set as you go in, so even if you lose you will face the same trainers in the same day, but this will change the following day.

Most notably, when you're about to increase in Grade when you're Grade 9, 19, 29, 39, 49 and every time in Grade 50, you will face a special boss. This is either Sophocles or, after the Team Rainbow Rocket incident, Giovanni. If you defeat them, rather than the Rare Candy gift, you'll get a Gold Bottle Cap.

Battle Agency - Switcheroo

Should you not be happy with the random selection of Battle Agency Pokémon, then there is another way to change it. In the Festival Plaza, there's the new Switcheroo facility. This facility will allow you to randomly shuffle the three Pokémon you have as your options in exchange for 10 Festival Coins. The better star the facility, the more you can change it in a day

Battle Agency - Usable Pokémon

There are almost 1,000 different Pokémon that will be usable within the Battle Agency. You will get better options for the Pokémon as you progress through the Battle Agency.

001-151 | 152-251 | 252-386 | 387-493 | 494-649 | 650-721 | 722-807