Pokédex Quests

Throughout the region of Alola, you will often find people, especially in Pokémon Centers, who are looking for a specific Pokémon. If you show them the Pokédex information for the Pokémon in question, they will often give you a reward, usually money. This is a one time thing in each area but is just a small quest that will give you a bonus.

These events are not time locked and you don't need to have the Pokémon with you in your party

Location PictureLocationPokémon RequestedReward
Melemele Island
Hau'oli City Hau'oli City Pokémon Center
10,000 PokéDollars
Route 2 Route 2 Pokémon Center
3,000 PokéDollars
Route 3 Route 3
3,000 PokéDollars
Akala Island
Heahea City Heahea City Apparel Shop
10,000 PokéDollars
Route 8 Konikoni City Pokémon Center
Natu - UltraSunHoothoot - UltraMoon
5,000 PokéDollars
Route 5 Route 5 Pokémon Center
3,000 PokéDollars
Route 8 Route 8 Aether Trailer
5,000 PokéDollars
Ula'ula Island
Malie City Malie City Apparel Shop
10,000 PokéDollars
Malie City Malie City Library
Alolan Persian
Love Ball
Route 16 Route 16 Pokémon Center
20,000 PokéDollars