New Pokémon Forms

Like most Pokémon games, Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon introduces several new Pokémon forms into the fold. These add new capabilities for each of the Pokémon.

#025 Partner Cap Pikachu

Partner Cap Pikachu is a unique Pokémon form for Pikachu which cannot be changed. To get this form, you need to scan a special QR code to pick up the special Pikachu. This Pikachu, along with its other Cap Pikachu bretheren, can use the special Pikashunium Z Z-Crystal to access the move 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt.

Level 21
Hold Item:

Pretty Wing
Hardy Nature.
Date of Receiving
2017 Pokémon Movie. Apparently had a fateful encounter at Lv. 21
Quick Attack
Iron Tail
#745 Lycanroc

Lycanroc got a third form in these games and like its other forms, it can't be changed. To get this form, you need to evolve a special Rockruff that has the ability Own Tempo. It has a unique evolution method of levelling up between 5pm and 5:59pm. If playing Moon and not in the Reverse World, you need to evolve it between 5am and 5:59am. This form can breed to get further Rockruff with Own Tempo.

Dusk Form
Dusk Form
Base Stats
HP: 75
Attack: 117
Defense: 65
Sp. Attack: 55
Sp. Defense: 65
Speed: 110
Tough Claws
#800 Necrozma

Necrozma also got some new forms within this game. These forms are fusions with the Pokémon Solgaleo & Lunala. These retain the types of those Pokémon but keep Necrozma's Prism Armor ability. To change form, you need to use the N-Solarizer and N-Lunarizer items respectively. These will fuse Necrozma with Solgaleo & Lunala respectively. You can only have one of each form in your game.

Dusk Mane Dawn Wings
Dusk Mane Dawn Wings
Base Stats
HP: 97
Attack: 153
Defense: 127
Sp. Attack: 113
Sp. Defense: 109
Speed: 77
Base Stats
HP: 97
Attack: 113
Defense: 109
Sp. Attack: 157
Sp. Defense: 127
Speed: 77
#800 Necrozma

Necrozma also got one final form in these games. This is a form obtained through an Ultra Burst, this is a feature akin to Mega Evolution and Primal Reversion. If you have the Ultra Necrozium Z attached to a Dusk Mane Necrozma or a Dawn Wings Necrozma, an Ultra Burst button will appear. This will allow you to change form to Ultra Necrozma. Like Mega Evolution, all stats including Speed are counted straight away. In the following turn, it can also use the Z-Move Light That Burns The Sky

Ultra Necrozma
Ultra Necrozma
Base Stats
HP: 97
Attack: 167
Defense: 97
Sp. Attack: 167
Sp. Defense: 97
Speed: 129
Psychic Dragon

Existing Pokémon Forms

As the Pokémon games have progressed, many Pokémon have gained forms and in doing so, they need you to get a special item or go to a special location in order to be able to change the form

#386 Deoxys

Location: Hokulani Observatory

Deoxys was introduced in Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire and given forms soon afterwards. To change the form, you need to interact with a special meteorite. In Sun & Moon, this meteorite can be found inside Hokulani Observatory, next to Sophocles. Just take Deoxys there and you'll be given the option to change form.

#479 Rotom

Location: Route 1

Rotom has got multiple different forms, all of which have Rotom possess some appliances. To get these applicances in Pokémon Sun & Moon, you need to go to Professor Kukui's Laboratory in Route 1 and go to the basement. Interact with the pile of boxes with Rotom in your party and you'll be able to change form.

#492 Shaymin

Location: Hau'oli City

Shaymin gained its Sky Forme in Pokémon Platinum and to change the form, you need to use the Gracidea flower. In Hau'oli City Mall, there's a shop also called the Gracidea, based on Shaymin and when you speak to the receptionist there, she will give you a Gracidea as a thank you for coming to the store

#676 Furfrou

Location: Malie City

Furfrou is a Pokémon with many different trims. These trims give it a special look that reverts when it goes back in the box. To get your Furfrou trimmed, go to the Salon in Malie City and talk to the punk girl

#718 Zygarde

Zygarde has a rather unique form change. First, you need to collect Zygarde Cells. In this game, you get 50 from the Zygarde 50% Forme in Resolution Cave, 10 from the Zygarde 10% Forme gift from Dexio and 40 in the Zygarde Cube. Then,, go to the building in Route 16 where you can assemble a Zygarde. You'll assemble them based on the amount of cells you have collected. This is where you need to change the form.

If you have collected all 100 Cells & Cores, you can then create a special Zygarde with the Power Construct ability. This Zygarde cannot be separated and has its form changed between 10 and 50% Formes using the Zygarde Cube item. When these form's health drops below 50%, they will change form into the powerful Complete Forme for the duration of the battle..

10% Forme 50% Forme Complete Forme
10% Forme 50% Forme Complete Forme
Base Stats
HP: 54
Attack: 100
Defense: 71
Sp. Attack: 61
Sp. Defense: 85
Speed: 115
Base Stats
HP: 108
Attack: 100
Defense: 121
Sp. Attack: 81
Sp. Defense: 95
Speed: 95
Base Stats
HP: 216
Attack: 100
Defense: 121
Sp. Attack: 91
Sp. Defense: 95
Speed: 85
#741 Oricorio

Oricorio's form change is a rather simple one. Its form is mostly just dependant upon which island of the Alola Region it is caught on. This affects its type, as well as the type of its move Revelation Dance. However, these forms can be changed by using the special Nectar items that are found in each island. Simply give Oricorio the nectar and its form will change.

Pom-Pom Style Baile Style P'au Style Sensu Style Form
Pom-Pom Baile P'au Sensu
Electric Flying Electric Flying Electric Flying Electric Flying
Melemele Island

Yellow Nectar
Ula'ula Island

Red Nectar
Akala Island

Pink Nectar
Poni Island

Purple Nectar