Rotom Pokédex Upgrades

The Rotom Pokédex makes a return in Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. In these games, you can communicate with the Rotom Dex more, allowing for its personality to change slightly based on your responses to it. As you bond with it, more features become available

Roto Loto

The Rotom Loto is a brand new feature introduced in Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. Available after you have bonded with Rotom Dex, you can play the Roto Loto in order to obtain one of many different kinds of items, which can be found in the bag. These items will give you various boosts, akin to O-Powers of previous games, boosting Experience, Prize Money and so forth.

Z-Rotom Power

Another brand new feature of the Rotom Dex, as you bond with it, is its special Z-Rotom Power. With this power, you can call on Rotom Dex to come to battle to provide you with a boost in your Z-Power allowing you to use Z-Moves for a second time in battle.

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