Mantine Surf

Mantine Surf is the new PokéRide style feature. Accessed in Big Wave Beach on Melemele Island, Heahea Beach on Akala Island, Ula'ula Beach on Ula'ula Island and Poni Beach on Poni Island. Each island has a longer and more obstacle filled course.

The idea here is to go between two islands doing lots of tricks along the way. To do this, you need to pick up speed by going up and down the waves, occasionally jumping up the wave to do the tricks. For each trick you do, you get an amount of points based on height and speed, and if you land properly you will get a special landing bonus. If you don't land properly, you will fall off and lose speed


There are however numerous obstacles that you'll encounter while trying to rack up speed to do tricks. These need to be navigated around in order to not lose Speed, but each obstacle has got its own special feature and their placement is random on the course.

Obstacle Special Features
Rocks Away from the wave rocks that cause you to fall off
Tentacool Sits on the wave and causes you to bounce off and lose speed.
Sharpedo Travels along the wave fast and aims at you, causing you to bounce off and lose speed when you are hit.
Wailmer Small shadow which comes up and bounces you off when you hit.
Wailord Giant shadow on a wave. Wailord bursts through knocking you off Mantine if you hit.

To get points, you have to do various moves. These are initially standard with Left & Right being spins while Up & Down being a Backflip and Forward Flip. However, there are multiple other moves that can work better to get higher scores, and can even be chained if you have enough air.

Move Special Features Buttons Unlock Method
Huntail Spiral Simple Point Additions Right, Right, Right Beginning
Gorebyss Spiral Simple Point Additions Left, Left, Left Beginning
Lanturn 360 Gives more points on taller waves Up, Down, Up Get top score in 1 Beach
Primarina Twist Gives more points on smaller waves Down, Down, Down Get top score in 2 Beaches
Starmie 720 Gives large amount of points Right, Left, Right, Up Get top score in 3 Beaches
Magikarp Splash Gives large amount of points once Fail a move Initial
Over-The-Gyardos Gives large amount of points once.
Loses points on successive attempts
Up, Right, Down, Left Get top score in 4 beaches and receive Surfing Pikachu

Location: Heahea City

After you have defeated all the high scores in each of the four different Mantine Surf courses, you'll get recommended to go to the Surfing Association office in Heahea City. Go there and speak to the man. He tells you of how he used to be a Mantine Surfer, and then will give you a special Pikachu that knows the move Surf.

Level 40
Hold Item:

Gold Bottle Cap
??? Nature.
Date of Receiving
Heahea City. Caught at Lv. 40