Pokémon Interactions

Throughout the Alola region, you will often encounter various Pokémon on the field. Many of these Pokémon are owned by other trainers and some of them you will have the ability to pet and play with. As you play with them, they will grow affection towards you, often running towards you when you're nearby, following you briefly, wanting to play and various other interactions.

When you encounter them, you have the ability to turn to the left, turn to the right, stare at them, play peekaboo, change positions or wave goodbye. As affection increases, they more come up to you and allow for you to pet them.

There is no reward for bonding with these Pokémon.

Interactable Pokémon

Melemele Island
RockruffRockyRoute 1None
PyukumukuPyunchBig Wave BeachNone
Comfey Hau'oli City Alola Photo ClubNone
SlowpokeYokotsunaIki TownNone
Akala Island
SandygastStarchyHano BeachNone
Stufful Konikoni CityNone
MiltankWhitneyPaniola RanchNone
Pikachu Pikachu ValleyNone
MurkrowKawRoyal AvenueNone
CorsolaMagic HandsTidal Song HotelNone
Ula'ula Island
Mimikyu Route 14Obtain the Mimikium Z
MeowthNaniRoute 17Defeat Team Skull
MagnemiteHenryBlush MountainNone
TogedemaruTogemaruHokulani ObservatoryComplete Sophocles' Trial
Spinda Malie CityNone
CharjabugSevenjabugMt. HokulaniComplete Sophocles' Trial
Vulpix Mt. LanakilaBefriend it in Route 8 after saving from Team Skull
Oranguru Po TownDefeat Team Skull
Poni Island
Bewear Battle TreeNone
Dewpider Seafolk VillageNone
Aether Paradise
PelipperAviAether ParadiseNone
Starmie Aether ParadiseNone