Some of the The Fourth Generation...Pokémon who are going to be the main stars of the upcoming DS games, Diamond & Pearl seem to have a minor appearance in XD. However it is not known if they are just there for scenery or if you'll be able to capture them and be unable to trade them over until they evolve into their respective evolutions. It is yet unknown although we do know a little bit about them


Munchlax is owned by a trainer in Aio Port. However her Munchlax gets around and sometimes even eats the PokéSnacks you leave for the other Pokémon. However if Munchlax does do that the trainer will give you 10 more aswell as some other Items


Bonsly is owned by a girl in the ONBS Station. However she lost her Bonsly on the Libra Cruise Liner that got attacked by Shadow Lugia at the start of the game. You need to go there and retrieve it for her. Once you have you will get a Bonsly Bingo Sheet
Here is where you can battle with Bonsly, however it only knows Rock Slide, you cannot see its stats or info and you cannot keep it out of this Bingo Sheet. Beat the sheet and you get a Bonsly photo. Click below to go to the Bingo Sheet

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