Togepi is a Pokémon you get at Level 25 in Outskirt Stand by a trainer named Danny. It's a normal Shadow Pokémon at first but it's not long before noticing something
Unlike the other Shadow Pokémon Trainers in the game, Danny gives you Togepi so you can purify it and he wants it back. Once purified you can trade it back to him for an Elekid with the following Attacks:

Picture No. Name Gender Attacks
#239 Elekid 75% Male ♂
25% Female ♀
Cross Chop
Fire Punch
Ice Punch

However since you can get Electabuzz later in the game some people may want to keep Togepi and evolve it into Togetic. However it has been programmed into the game that you cannot evolve this Togepi into Togetic in XD easily, to do it you must use lots, and I mean lots, of cologne. Once evolved, you will still be able to trade it with Danny, however there are a few changes to the Elekid that you get, it will not have the same attacks as the one you could get before, it will just have normal attacks that an Elekid would have such as Quick Attack and Swift

So its your choice and quite a conundrum

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