Battle Bingo is another battle mode where you have to deafeat certain types of Pokémon and create a row either horizontally, diagonally or vertically to win.

Battle Bingo is also a side quest in XD which is activated together with the Battle Disc upon visiting the Realgam Tower. You can access it in the left room of the Realgam Tower lobby, and it costs 500 Pokédollars per play. The game makes use of bingo sheets each with 16 panels, and the goal is to clear them all. There are a total of 11 sheets (10 standard, 1 bonus), and in each sheet, you start out with a designated Pokémon related to the theme.
13 of the 16 panels will be labelled with a Pokémon type, and 3 with question marks. Those with Pokémon types each house a Pokémon corresponding to the type inside, and once you challenge the panel, you can either faint the Pokémon with your starter, or capture it with a masterball. Either way, the panel will be considered cleared. You can choose at whichever panel to begin with, but once you do so, you can only move to the panels connected to the one(s) you cleared, either vertically or horizontally, but not diagonally.

The 3 question marked panels will either hold a masterball, one EP, or two EPs. It is the same for every sheet. EPs and masterballs are key factors to consider while playing the game:

1) Entry Points (EP)
These are vital to keep the game going. Once they’re used up, your game is over. Your starting Pokémon will have two EPs, and one EP is deducted every time it challenges a panel (even for the question marked ones). For every new Pokémon you capture, they will have a base of 2 EPs as well, but note that the EPs are not transferrable between Pokémon. One EP will be rewarded to you when you clear 4 connected panels (either horizontally, vertically or diagonally), and you can choose which Pokémon to give it to. The same goes to the EPs you gain from the question marked panels. If you happen to get defeated in a panel, your EP will not be returned, and you have to spend another EP challenging that panel again.

2) Masterballs
You start out with two masterballs, and the third one is hidden in one of the question marked panels. Like the masterball we’ve always known, it gurantees a 100% capture, so you can capture any Pokémon in the panels to your desire. As there are only 3 masterballs and you cannot release any captured Pokémon, you can only capture 3 Pokémon out of the 13 to help you clear the other panels, so choose wisely. Capturing Pokémon is a critical thing because it is the only way you will have enough EPs to last the whole sheet. As I’ve said, your starter only has two EP, and one is deducted every panel it challenges, you better capture something latest by your second panel. And no, before you ask, you cannot keep the Pokémon after playing Battle Bingo.

All the Pokémon in Battle Bingo have only one single attack. It could be corresponding to their type, or could be an attack of another type, so again, think twice before you capture a Pokémon, as it may not have the beneficial attack.

The 10 standard sheets are categorized into easy, medium and hard. You have to clear all the 3 easy sheets to unlock the medium ones, clear the 3 medium ones to get the hard ones, and finally the 3 hard ones to get the final one. The easy sheets award you with PP aids and a maximum of 250 Pokécoupons. The medium ones PP restore and 500 Pokécoupons. The hard ones PP restore as well and 1000 Pokécoupons, and that last extra one 2500 Pokécoupons and a PP max. The exact number of Pokécoupons received are determined by how many EPs you have gained, and how many are left by the end of the game. So, even if you fail to clear an entire sheet, you may still get rewarded by some Pokécoupons. There are no extra rewards for beating all the sheets.

Finally, the special Bonsly sheet is given to you by the grandfather of Bonsly’s trainer at ONBS after you bring the lost Pokémon back to them. To activate it, use the item (in your key items bag) at the reception of Battle Bingo, the receptionist will take the sheet and you can challenge it from then on.

The following lists the data of the 11 sheets. Each sheet will retain the layout described here until you have cleared it at least once, then the panels will be randomly shuffled the next time you challenge them

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