Like in Colosseum, your trainer has a Pokémon Digital Assistant, however this one is a bit more advance than the one that you had in Colosseum. Below are the four features on it

1. Shadow Checker:

This is a list of all the Shadow Pokémon you have caught and encountered and eventually havent encountered. In it, it displays the status of the Pokémon, their level, whether they're purified and where they were snagged

2. Pokédex:

The P*DA Also has a Pokédex of sorts showing you general information on Pokémon you have seen including Type, Type Advantages, Size, Cries, Everything you can shake a shiny stick at.

3. Mail:

Like in Colosseum you get E-mails from Eagun, Nett and other people in Orre. It functions exactly the same as Colosseum's so there's nothing new here

4. PokéSpot Checker:

In this area you can check how much food is left at a PokéSpot, where the PokéSpots are and if there are any Pokémon at any of the PokéSpots. Really handy when you're out and about in Orre

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