Orre has changed in the 5 years rom Colosseum. Towns have changed, people have grown up, and there are new areas for you to explore! Below is a list of the areas in Orre

Pokémon HQ Lab:

The HQ Lab is where the game starts and home to your character. In it you learn the basics of Pokémon Battling and fight and snag your first Shadow Pokémon.

Kaminko's House:

The home of Professor Kaminko. You will encounter Professor Kaminko and his trusty assistant Chobin there

Gateon Port:

Gateon Port is the next place you get to from the Lab. There are many trainers here and it is also the only way to get to Citadark Isle

Agate Village:

Agate is one of your most important stops in the game aswell as one of the first. While relatively unchanged it has a few extras such as a Move Tutor. It also has the Relic Stone...a place vital when totally purifying Pokémon

Mt. Battle:

Mt. Battle is how it was in Colosseum. You can battle up it AND it has a Move Relearner and a Move Deleter there. Vital for trainers

Pyrite Town:

Pyrite Town is a small town unchanged from when you visited it in Colosseum. Miror B's hideout is gone however but other than that it's relatively the same

ONBS Station:

The ONBS Station is situated in Pyrite Town run by the people who used to run Kids News. In it you will find many Shadow Pokémon due to Cipher invading it

Oasis Spot:

This is a PokéSpot where Wild Pokémon can come if you leave them some PokéSnacks (Food)

RockGround Spot:

This is a PokéSpot where Wild Pokémon can come if you leave them some PokéSnacks (Food)

Cave Spot:

This is a PokéSpot where Wild Pokémon can come if you leave them some PokéSnacks (Food)

Phenac City:

Phenac City is also like it was 5 years ago, however at first things do not appear to be what they seem...

Realgam Tower:

You can go here from Phenac City, while here you can use the Battle Bingo and Battle Disk facilities to your heart's content

Deserted Cruiser Libra:

This boat was attached by XD001 at the start of the game. You will enter it later in the game to look for Bonsly. It is pretty much deserted

Outskirt Stand:

Once again there is very little here, just a shop and some trainers. However you'll end up having to go to Snagem's hideout from here

Snagem Hideout:

Team Snagem's HQ is where you will have to get your Snag Machine back. It is filled with Snagem Grunts but very few Shadow Pokémon

Cipher Key Lair:

The Cipher Key Lair is where the Shadow Pokémon were created. It is filled with Cipher Agents. You will find a list of all the Shadow Pokémon Created in there

Citadark Isle:

This is the main headquarters for Cipher. You will find loads of Shadow Pokémon & Cipher Agents there aswell as the end of the game. Truely a formiddable place

Orre Colosseum:

Orre Colosseum is the final place you visit and unlock in XD. In it you can battle some really strong trainers.

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