PokéCoupon's make a re-appearence in Pokémon XD when you battle in the Colosseums or in the Battle Disc, Battle Bingo & Mt. Battle. Below is a list of the stuff you can buy with them

Item: Description: Price:
TM29 Contains the Attack Psychic 3,500 pts
TM13 Contains the Attack Ice Beam 4,000 pts
TM24 Contains the Attack Thunderbolt 4,000 pts
TM35 Contains the Attack Flamethrower 4,000 pts
TM30 Contains the Attack Shadow Ball 4,500 pts
Mental Herb Prevents You Pokémon from being Attracted 6,000 pts
White Herb Cures Any Status Condition 6,000 pts
Quick Claw Increases Chance of Attacking First 8,000 pts
Focus Band Occassionaly Prevents a Pokémon From Fainting 8,000 pts
Brightpower Lowers Opponent's Accuracy 8,000 pts
King's Rock Can Evolve Slowpoke/Poliwhirl When Traded. Can cause Opponent to Flinch 8,000 pts
Scope Lens Increases Critical Hit Ratio 8,000 pts
Choice Band Multiplies First Move's Power by 1.5 if Physical 8,000 pts
Shell Bell Raises HP by 1/8th The Damage inflicted on the opponent 8,000 pts
Ganlon Berry Raises Defense in a pinch 15,000 pts
Salac Berry Raises Speed in a pinch 15,000 pts
Petaya Berry Raises Special Attack in a pinch 15,000 pts
Apicot Berry Raises Special Defense in a pinch 15,000 pts

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