Here are all the known Pictures from Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. Click the Link to view the picture:

The Hero and Mina, his friend
The Hero meets a Professor
A Battle against a Zangoose
Starting Off with a Level 5 Eevee
Dark Lugia Flies Over
Dark Lugia Arrives
Dark Lugia Rears It's Ugly Head
Battling A Kirlia
Does Munchlax Play A Role in this Game?
Inside a Weird Shop Place
A Pokémon Lab or a Pokémon Center?
The Overworlds are done in the same manner as Pokémon Colosseum
The Trainer Checks to see an Aura
The Trainer is equipped with A Snag Device
The Trainer and his little sister, Mana
A Shadow Teddiursa
Teddiursa is Snagged
The Trainer Is About to Battle
Snorlax Prepares an Attack
Arbok Prepares an Attack
Arbok is hit in a Double Battle
Butterfree Prepares an Attack
Is this a Cipher Henchman
Is this a Stadium of Sorts?
A Groudon Statue bya house
Shadow Lugia Flies Into Battle
The Hero and his Sister travel between towns on his Moped
The Trainer Throws the Pokéball of his trusted Eevee
Usohachii is encountered
Teddiursa's Stats
Teddiursa Is Being Purified
Crosing the Deserts of Orre
The Place to Purify your Pokémon
Spheal uses a Shadow Attack
The Shadow Pokemon that have been Purified and to be Purified

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