Battle Frontier

Battle Frontier

The Battle Frontier is a giant attraction park owned by Scott and situated on a single large island to the south of Hoenn, boasting seven different battle facilites that are intended for ultimate challengers. Each facility employs a distinct battling style that can must be conquered by unique strengths and talents, and each of them is guarded by a Frontier Brain. The Frontier Brains are an elite of powerful trainers possessing skills beyond those of gymleaders, and each is specialized in the style of battling their own facility requires.

The seven facilites include: the Battle Factory which calls for knowledge, the Battle Pike which counts on luck, the Battle Pyramid which requires bravery, the Battle Tower which demands ability, the Battle Arena which involves guts, the Battle Palace which emphasizes on spirit, as well as the Battle Dome which depends on tactics. Each Frontier Brain will reward Frontier Symbols to challengers who manage to beat them, which are equivalent to the Gym Badges gained through gym challenges.

Owner: Scott
Battle Factory: Factory Head Noland
Battle Pike: Pike Queen Lucy
Battle Pyramid: Pyramid King Brandon
Battle Tower: Salon Maiden Anabel
Battle Arena: Arena Tycoon Greta
Battle Palace: Palace Maven Spenser
Battle Dome: Dome Ace Tucker


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