Title: Owner of Battle Frontier

Scott has put his nose into almost every single business in Hoenn, and is thus a man full of information. However, information is indeed all he cares for. Despite having an elite of powerful Frontier Brains, he never bothered to render help during the Groudon and Kyogre catastrophe which could very well reduce Hoenn to ashes. The man travels on a flying saucer and is acquainted with Norman as well as Ghen, the old man living in Pacifidlog who constantly looks out for the Mirage Island.

Being the owner of the Battle Frontier, publicity is very important to him, and he would make use of every single chance to promote his multi-facility battle island. When Emerald showed up unexpectedly to spoil the Frontier's opening ceremony, Scott was outraged, but later on favoured the idea of the boy challenging the Frontier as it would attract extra media coverage.


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