Team Magma

Team Magma

Team Magma is the red-attired evil organization in Hoenn that aims to expand the land. They scheme to awaken the ancient legendary land pokemon, Groudon, and have succeeded in robbing the Submarine Explorer 1 vessel for seafloor expedition developed by Captain Stern. They have also stolen the Scanner from the Abandoned Ship and located both the Red and Blue Orbs with its help. Team Magma is elusive, and they function more like a barbarian gang rather than an organized team. The team leader, Maxie, has no fixed headquarters and moves his hideout from caves to caves across the land. Hank, Courtney and Tabitha are known as the FireHeads, and together with all other Team Magma members, possess a special memory fire lighter in one of the horns on their hood that is capable of recording and sharing encountered people and events with other fire lighters.

Team Structure:

Leader: Maxie
FireHeads: Hank, Courtney & Tabitha
Normal Magma Grunts:

Pokémon that Members Use:

Pokémon Picture Episode Obtained


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