The Contest Pokémon...your opponent's Pokémon...some of them are wouldn't it be better to know about your opponents before hand. The Pokémon You Find is totally random but picked out of a select group of Pokémon. The Pokémon Tend to be specific to the ranks of contests so we are stating the rank they are found in:

Pic Nickname Attack 1 Attack 2 Attack 3 Attack 3 Rank
Poochy Roar Bite Take Down Howl Normal
Yena Taunt Thief Odor Sleuth Take Down Hyper
Zigoon Rest Tail Whip Tackle Covet Normal
Noone Growl Covet Sand-Attack Rest Super
Tifly Morning Sun Silver Wind Stun Spore Secret Power Hyper
Duster Silver Wind Moonlight Light Screen Gust Normal
Tado Astonish Growl Rain Dance Water Pulse Super
Lombe Attract Flash Uproar Growl Hyper
Dots Bide Synthesis Bullet Seed Growth Normal
Nuzle Growth Razor Wind Explosion Extrasensory Hyper
Tatay Wing Attack Agility Aerial Ace Growl Normal
Welow Agility Aerial Ace Wing Attack Fly Hyper
Gulwee Mist Water Gun Growl Pursuit Normal
Pelipe Mist Hail Hyper Beam Wing Attack Hyper
Shedja Shock Wave Shadow Ball Skill Swap Return Master
Smish Stun Spore Leech Seed Mega Drain Attract Normal
Slokth Strength Counter Yawn Encore Normal
Sling Covet Counter Encore Slack Off Master
Ninda Leech Life False Swipe Fury Swipes Mind Reader Normal
Ninas Screech Fury Swipes Sand-Attack Baton Pass Hyper
Whiris Astonish Screech Uproar Hyper Voice Normal
Louderd Hyper Voice Stomp Roar Howl Master
Mahita Seismic Toss Vital Throw Tackle Reversal Normal
Golden Horn Attack Fury Attack Horn Drill Tail Whip Super
Kingsea Flail Supersonic Horn Attack Fury Attack Hyper
Karpag Tackle Splash Flail   Hyper
Rados Hyper Beam Hydro Pump Rain Dance Bite Master
Catted Attract Assist Faint Attack Tail Whip Master
Zutzu Haze Mean Look Confuse Ray Leech Life Normal
Ronar Metal Claw Iron Defense Headbutt Take Down Normal
Lairn Metal Sound Metal Claw Harden Take Down Hyper
Chopam Seismic Toss Focus Energy Karate Chop Scary Face Hyper
Rikelec Spark Thunder Wave Thunder Roar Normal
Rodlect Explosion Light Screen Swift Flash Master
Plumile Petal Dance Sweet Scent Stun Spore Flash Master
Duodo Peck Fury Attack Return Growl Super
Relia Petal Dance Magical Leaf Grasswhistle Ingrain Super
Gulin Sludge Amnesia Toxic Yawn Normal
Pedos Agility Swagger Taunt Take Down Master
Merail Water Pulse Rest Water Spout Splash Hyper
Lenum Magnitude Earthquake Sunny Day Flamethrower Super
Erupam Earthquake Fissure Overheat Hyper Beam Hyper
Shrand Slash Defense Curl Swift Fury Swipes Super
Spinin Teeter Dance Psych Up Hypnosis Uproar Super
Corpy Swift Double Team Agility Cut Super
Pinchin Bite Sand-Attack Dig Faint Attack Super
Nacac Spikes Leer Poison Sting Sand-Attack Super
Swaby Mirror Move Perish Song Safeguard Mist Super
Taria Dragon Dance Hyper Beam Perish Song Safeguard Master
Vipes Poison Fang Glare Wrap Screech Hyper
Lunone Explosion Future Sight Psychic Confusion Hyper
Boboach Mud Sport Water Sport Earthquake Future Sight Super
Toybal Selfdestruct Rock Tomb Psybeam Confusion Super
Kecon Thief Screech Ancientpower Bind Super
Kullusk Disable Future Sight Night Shade Pursuit Master
Chupy Sweet Kiss Attract Rest Tail Whip Master
Wobet Counter Mirror Coat Safeguard Destiny Bond Master
Utan Night Shade Future Sight Confuse Ray Psychic Master
Heross Strength Endure Reversal Rock Tomb Master
Luvis Sweet Kiss Attract Take Down Charm Master

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