Hoenn Elite Four

Like all Pokemon games, there are four master trainers you face after the evil team is beaten and the eight league badges are collected. Hoenn offers a robust crowd of challengers plus a champion you will recall seeing as a critical ally in your quest. It is advised you study these Elite Four members well before heading into the Pokemon League.

Elite Four #1: Sidney

Member: Sidney
Specialty: Dark-type

Kicking off this Elite Four is the Dark-type master Sidney. His team has a number of Pokemon with secondary types to provide extra flavour. Any fast Fighting-type, like Blaziken or Breloom, is an ideal match-up. His team also uses a mixture of different status moves to throw you off, like Sand-Attack and Leech Seed, so you may have to switch out your Pokemon frequently. You may be well off to not lead with your Fighting-type as they will suffer an Attack drop from his leading Mightyena's ability, Intimidate.

Elite Four Sidney MightyenaShiftryCacturneSharpedoAbsol
Battle Type
Single Battle
Level 46Level 48Level 46Level 48Level 49
Elite Four #2: Phoebe

Member: Phoebe
Specialty: Ghost-type

Next in line is the Ghost-type master, Phoebe. Normal-type and Fighting-type moves will be useless against these Pokemon as they cannot be hit, however Pokemon boasting Normal-type themselves will prove invaluable as Ghost-type moves cannot affect them. Like Sidney this trainer puts a lot of status moves into play, such as Will-O-Wisp and Confuse Ray, which may cost you quite a bit in healing items. Try to stick with moves like Shadow Ball for super-effective damage, although watch for Attack reducing burns Banette can spread. Keep in mind Sableye has no weakness in this generation as you prepare for battle.

Elite Four Phoebe DusclopsBanetteSableyeBanetteDusclops
Battle Type
Single Battle
Level 48Level 49Level 50Level 49Level 51
Elite Four #3: Glacia

Member: Glacia
Specialty: Ice-type

Third up is Glacia, who fittingly uses Ice-types. Though her team lacks in diversity it can still pack a punch with many strong moves super-effective to common types. Your Fire-types may prove ineffective as 60% of the team also shares Water-typing as well as the Thick Fat ability, which reduces Fire-type damage output. Glalie can also shield the team from your Special Attacks for five turns with Light Screen. Fighting-types would be useful as they resist two common attack types this team uses (Ice-type and Dark-type) and can wallop the enemy with ultra destructive force. Be careful for Walrein's OHKO move Sheer Cold, which can instantly turn the tide of battle.

Elite Four Glacia GlalieSealeoSealeoGlalieWalrein
Battle Type
Single Battle
Level 50Level 50Level 50Level 52Level 53
Elite Four #4: Drake

Member: Drake
Specialty: Dragon-type

The leader of this Elite Four call back to the first generation by way of his specialty type, Dragon. His team, though with its weaknesses, has a diverse set of skills, and packs a few strong moves with interesting effects. That being said, a solid Ice Beam can punish this lot, dealing 4x damage to most of the team. Like Sidney, Drake has a Pokemon with the Attack cutting Intimidate ability, so if be careful if you use Physical move types like Rock to deal super-effective damage.

Elite Four Drake ShelgonAltariaFlygonFlygonSalamence
Battle Type
Single Battle
Level 52Level 54Level 53Level 53Level 55
Champion: Steven

Member: Steven
Specialty: Steel-type

The final trial of the Elite Four rests in its champion, Steven Stone, the son of Devon Corporation's president who you've met earlier in the game on your quest to find the legendary Pokemon. Although he specializes in the very defensive Steel-type, you will learn early on he sports a mixture of Steel-type, Rock-type, and Ground-type Pokemon, all of whom are not affected by Sandstorm damage. This team loves to rack up residual damage by way of poison, confusion, entry hazards, and more. It uses a lot of high-power moves which are granted STAB bonus, with other strong moves to complement and patch up any holes. Claydol will attempt to cut all damage you can inflict through dual screen use (Light Screen and Reflect both last five turns remember!) so you might do well to bring a Pokemon with the Brick Break attack, which will also his Cradily and Aggron for very high damage. Earthquake is a fantastic attack to bring too, although remember that Skarmory and Claydol are impervious to it. The true star of the show here is Metagross, which has four very strong moves and can punch a hole in any team ill prepared. The good news is that you can look forward to having its pre-evolution given to you after the game, but more on that later. If you manage to beat all these Pokemon you will get the title of Pokemon League Champion and offered more places to explore in the world of Hoenn. Good luck!

Champion Steven SkarmoryClaydolAggronCradilyArmaldoMetagross
Battle Type
Single Battle
Level 57Level 55Level 56Level 56Level 56Level 58
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