For the first time ever in the series you can cook for your Pokemon. To do this, you must have a selection of berries in your bag and be able to reach one of the Berry Blenders located at any of the Hoenn region's Contest Halls. You can choose to blend berries either with the people surrounding the first machine or with link cable connected friends at the second machine. To be able to collect or use Pokeblocks you must get the Pokeblock Case from a girl in Slateport City.

Preparing a PokéBlock

No matter how you choose to blend your Pokeblocks, you must play a minigame at the machine where a spinner rotates around and around. Your goal is to hit A at the same time the pointer on the blender aligns with your respective pointer on the machine. You'll find it getting faster the more accurately you hit. This also increases the quality of your blocks, whereas missing decreases the quality. If you want the best kind of Pokeblocks, you'll want to use rarer Berries, which automatically makes the other blenders use better berries (except if you are blending with friends). The type of Berry you use also determines which flavours out of five the block comes out with (it can have up to four). Berry flavour is found on each berry's tag. While blending, you will find Berries seem to cancel out other Berries flavours. Dry flavours cancel out spicy, spicy cancels out sour, sour cancels out bitter, bitter cancels out sweet, and sweet cancels out dry.

Analysing the PokéBlock

Once your Pokeblocks are made you can inspect their qualities. Their colour hints at their flavour more often than not, but you should still check out each individual Pokeblock to make sure it's right for your Pokemon:

Red Pokeblock: Spicy Pokeblock that raises Coolness.
Blue Pokeblock: Dry Pokeblock that raises Beauty.
Pink Pokeblock: Sweet Pokeblock that raises Cuteness.
Green Pokeblock: Bitter Pokeblock that raises Smartness.
Yellow Pokeblock: Sour Pokeblock that raises Toughness.
Purple Pokeblock: Mostly Spicy Pokeblock that raises Coolness and a less dominant contest stat.
Indigo Pokeblock: Mostly Dry Pokeblock that raises Beauty and a less dominant contest stat.
Brown Pokeblock: Mostly Sweet Pokeblock that raises Cuteness and a less dominant contest stat.
Lite Blue Pokeblock: Mostly Bitter Pokeblock that raises Smartness and a less dominant contest stat.
Olive Pokeblock: Mostly Sour Pokeblock that raises Toughness and a less dominant contest stat.
Gold Pokeblock: A high level Pokeblock that raises one or two contest stats.
Gray Pokeblock: A three flavor Pokeblock that raises three three contest stats.
White Pokeblock: A four-flavor Pokeblock that raises four contest stats.
Black Pokeblock: A poor Pokeblock that is created when two or more of the same Berry are blended, or if the Berries force a neutral flavour.

Remember that how effective a Pokeblock is depends on natures, so even if you feed a high quality Pokeblock to your Pokemon it may wind up being a waste if its in its nature to hate that specific flavour. Pokeblocks also have Levels, which is related to the Berries used and how good at blending your berries you are. Blending with more people seems to increase the likelyhood of getting a good level Pokeblock. Finally, the Feel of the Pokeblock also depends on the skill of the people blending, and more importantly how many. The more people blending, the lower the feel. You want to have lower feel Pokeblocks if possible as this means your Pokemon can eat more of them before their sheen is at its maximum and they can eat no more Pokeblocks.