Trainer Card

In these games the Trainer Card comes with more flashy stats than ever before. In addition to your Pokedex completion, badges, and play time, there are a number of tasks you can complete in the game to change the aesthetics of your card. On the back of your card the following records are kept:

First Hall of Fame Entry
Link Cable Battles
Pokemon Trades
Pokeblocks with Friends
Contests won with Friends
Battle Tower Wins And # Straight

Trainer Card Colour

You are now awarded stars for completing special achievements, which also change the colour of your card. Do note the card changes with the number of stars you have and not necessarily which ones.

0 Stars 1 Star 2 Stars 3 Stars 4 Stars
Green Bronze Copper Silver Gold
The accomplishments necessary to get a new star are as follows:
Defeat the Pokemon League Champion for the first time.
Win all five Master Rank contests and have a Pokemon painted for each.
Defeat the 50 trainer challenge in Battle Tower.
Complete the Hoenn Pokedex.