Trick House

On Route 110 you can find a home unique from any other in the Pokemon games, the Trick House. After meeting the owner of the property he will invite you in on his challenges, most of which feature some gimmick, a bunch of trainers to fight, and a prize for successful completion. New challenges are added based on your collection of the gym badges and, ultimately, defeating the Pokemon League. When you first enter the house, there is usually a twinkle somewhere in the room alerting you to the Trick Master's presense. After finding him, enter through the secret door behind the scroll at the back of the house into one of the mysterious chambers (whichever you have yet to complete at that time, regardless of how many you've unlocked or completed). There are usually Mail items you can find. At the end, find the scroll and enter back into the main section of the house to write down the phrase, and the Master will arrive to confer on you his prize.

Chamber 1

Badge Needed: None
HMs?: Cut
Prize: Rare Candy

The first chamber has a maze of rooms you explore using the move Cut to get in between them. This is a fairly simple first challenge that shouldn't take too long to complete

Chamber 2

Badge Needed: Dynamo
HMs?: No
Prize: Timer Ball

The second chamber requires you to press buttons on the ground to close off holes in the floor and grant you access. No HMs are needed here.

Chamber 3

Badge Needed: Heat
HMs?: Rock Smash
Prize: Hard Stone

This third chamber requires you to navigate through another maze, but this one has a series of doors that must be alternated between using special switches. Some of the switches are buried under Rock Smash rocks.

Chamber 4

Badge Needed: Balance
HMs?: Strength
Prize: Smoke Ball

The fourth chamber features trainers who use Fighting-type Pokemon as you navigate through a Strength boulder maze.

Chamber 5

Badge Needed: Feather
HMs?: No
Prize: TM12 (Taunt)

The fifth chamber features no trainers but instead a series of robots who test your Pokemon knowledge through trivia type questions.

Chamber 6

Badge Needed: Mind
HMs?: No
Prize: Magnet

The challenge in this sixth chamber is similar to the revolving doors puzzle in Fortree City's gym.

Chamber 7

Badge Needed: Rain
HMs?: No
Prize: PP Max

The seventh chamber has a puzzle similar to that of the floors that force you in a certain direction, like the Mossdeep City gym. You must change their paths via switches.

Chamber 8

Badge Needed: All, plus Champion title
HMs?: No
Prize: Red Tent/Blue Tent

The eighth and final chamber requires you to beat the Pokemon League Champion to access it. It has a polished floor puzzle like the frosty basement of Shoal Cave, and you must navigate around a tough series of trainers to get anywhere. Your prize is contingent upon your game's version; Red Tents in Ruby and Blue Tents in Sapphire.