Mystery Event

The Mystery Gift feature from Gold and Silver makes a return in the form of a new feature, Mystery Event, and like in those games it must be unlocked in game by talking to the right NPC. However this time you need to know the correct phrase to insert during an interview. This time it was just used for events and E-Reader compatibility. You must have defeated your father Norman at Petalburg Gym to access it.

First go to Petalburg City Pokemon Center and find the person by the PC. When asked, insert the phrase "Mystery Event Is Exciting" and you'll be informed you can now access Mystery Event. To do so however you must save the game at least once after entering that secret message and load the game from the start. On the menu after the title screen you will find you can perform Mystery Event now!

Mystery Event Details

In Mossdeep City there is a house you may recall with boxes against a door that you normally cannot access. Using the right e-cards you can enter and have battles with special trainers, often whom have a gimmick to their team. All Pokemon are at a set level in these matches so pick your team accordingly. However, due to the e-Reader not coming outside of Japan and North America, and not doing well in North America, this feature was seldom used.