The Secret Mirage Island

One of the secret Islands, Mirage Island has been one thats caused the most Mystery on the Internet World. How to get to it? Is it really real? What Pokémon Inhabit it? Well here all those questions will be answered

How do I get there (If it's real)?

Every Day, a random number is generated by your game and for each of your Pokémon. You Pokémon's random number changes when you put it in the box...if your number matches...Mirage Island becomes available...but its only there for a day...maybe less if you deposit the Pokémon. You can tell if its there through the man in the bottom right house on Pacifidlog Town

What Pokémon Inhabit this elusive Island?

Only One Kind of Pokémon inhabit's this island. They are Wynaut, the Pre-evolved form of Wobbuffet:

They are the only Pokémon here and range in levels from Level 5 all the way up to Level 50

I see a Berry Patch, What sort of Berry Comes from there?

Only the rarest Berry accessible in the game. Berry #36 a Liechi Berry. This Berry is easily used to make Gold Pokéblocks...the best and strongest Pokéblocks I'll try and get more information soon

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