This is What the Navigator Looks Like

Another new gadget, in GSC we had the Pokégear. Now we have the Pokémon Navigator, probably going to be shortened to something like Poké-Navi.

Pokémon Navigator

Anyway, this seems that it only has multiple uses, one to scan your pokémon's capabilities for the Pokémon Contest. These abilities are raised by Poroks, another for the map, and another for the Phonebook...with many more possibilities

The Pokémon Navigator has multiple functions:

Contest Stat Checker

The First scans your Pokémon giving you the name and level and also the status of Wisdom, Intelligence, Cuteness, Beauty and Strength in a cool pentagon which is also color co-ordinated. We can only guess how its done but an estimation would be that the closer the circle is to the middle, the more chance it has in winning the Contest. Here's a picture of Kinokoko's Pentagonal graph showing a Kinokoko that hasnt been touched by any Poroks:

Kinokoko's Pentagona Graph

Houen Map

In The Pokémon Navigator you can access the map of Houen, and Zoom In To see what may well be a map of the area you are in, we aren't quite sure of that at the moment. The Map does the same thing as it has in previous games. Here are some Pictures:

Un-Zoomed Map Zoomed Map

Trainer-Look Up

Like what Shingo had in an episode of the anime, It's quite alike the phonebook in previous games. Except, this gives details of the trainers and a picture of them so you remember who they are. Here is a screenshot demonstration:


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