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Pokéblocks...the food needed to help your Pokémon grow for Contest Participation. To Create Pokéblocks you need to have Berrys aswell as the Pokéblock Case from the contest hall in Slateport City. To create them you have to blend berries at the machines in the Contest Halls. Pokéblocks come in a variety of colours and flavours and here is a list of what the colours raise. Remember, this is just the main thing they raise...they may raise other stats depending on the berries that were blended with them:

Colour Effect
Black Pokéblock A Low Level Pokéblock created when the 2 or more of the same type of Berry is blended
Blue Pokéblock A Dry Pokéblock that Raises Beauty
Brown Pokéblock A Strong Sweet Pokéblock that raises Cuteness
Gold Pokéblock A High Level Pokéblock (Above 60) which raises either Toughness or both Cuteness and Coolness
Grey Pokéblock A Three Taste Pokéblock which raises 3 Stats
Green Pokéblock A Bitter Pokéblock which raises Smartness
Indigo Pokéblock A Strong Dry Pokéblock that Raises Beauty
LiteBlue Pokéblock A Strong Bitter Pokéblock that Raises Smartness
Olive Pokéblock A Strong Sour Pokéblock which raises Toughness
Pink Pokéblock A Sweet Pokéblock which Raises Cuteness
Purple Pokéblock A Strong Spicy Pokéblock that raises Coolness
Red Pokéblock A Spicy Pokéblock That Raises Coolness
White Pokéblock A Four Taste Pokéblock that raises 4 Stats
Yellow Pokéblock A Sour Pokéblock That Raises Toughness
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