Snorlax, The Sleeping Pokémon. It is not satisfied unless it eats over 880 pounds of food every day. When it is done eating, it goes promptly to sleep. This Pokémon's stomach is so strong, even eating moldy or rotten food will not affect it. Gigantamax energy has affected stray seeds and even pebbles that got stuck to Snorlax, making them grow to a huge size.


Snorlax is an interesting Pokemon with a varied history, a victim of power creep as well as one that pushes it, Snorlax has made a name for itself since RBY with its monstrous health and good Attack. Stepping into the limelight in GSC with the special split giving it 110 Special Defense and Curse, Snorlax is the defining Pokemon to the point of if your team lacks Snorlax it's terrible. However, Snorlax hasn't changed dramatically, and while it had slowly fallen from grace for some time it has once again gained a decent spot in the competitive environment the last few years as a Curse user once more.
-160/65/110 are strong defensive stats, and with Curse to buff the lower Defense stat helps longevity
-110 Attack is not bad and backed with Curse and great coverage, Snorlax can really put in some work.
-Thick Fat gives an effective resistance to Fire and Ice allowing for more switch in and set up chances, while Gluttony allows it to utilize Figy Berry and other similar berries. However, these berries have been nerfed which makes them less appealing.

-30 Base Speed means Snorlax lumbers around and Curse makes this worse. However, this also means Curse lowering Speed isn't really harmful for Snorlax since it's already so slow.
-Normal typing helps with some threats such as Dragapult but it's overall an inferior typing due to no strong match ups



-Body Slam
-Darkest Lariat
Item Attached: Leftovers
Ability: Thick Fat
EVs and Nature:
252 HP/ 4 Def / 252 SpDef
Careful Nature

With Curse to boost and Rest to stay healthy, Snorlax can quickly become a difficult Pokemon to handle. Body Slam is the primary move and has been a staple move of Snorlax since RBY as the paralysis it can cause is a huge help for Snorlax's team. Finally Darkest Lariat allows Snorlax to hit threats such as Dragpault and Gengar that would be immune to Body Slam, and also ignores defensive boosts from other Pokemon.

The EV spread gives Snorlax as much special bulk as possible while Snorlax boost its weaker Defense with Curse, though investing more in Defense to begin with also provides greater returns in the long run from using Curse. Leftovers gives Snorlax extra longevity though Chesto Berry can also be used if you really don't want to worry about Snorlax being helpless for two turns.

Other Options

Assault Vest - Good Special Defense and an Assault Vest allows Snorlax to become an offensive pivot for threats such as Dragapult and Hydreigon while potentially spreading paralysis with Body Slam.


-Corviknight - While taking neutral from Fighting, Corviknight is an excellent partner for Snorlax with its ability to pivot into Fighting threats and apply pressure with Spikes or Drill Peck, while enjoying Snorlax's ability to answer Fire attacks leveled against itself.
-Dragapult - Ghost typing allows Dragapult to just answer Fighting types by default. Dragapult can gain a lot of pressure easily to help Snorlax out late game with its solid offensive stats and ability to go mixed to bait threats in such as Corviknight and Mandibuzz.


Snorlax is one of the few Pokemon gifted a Gigantamax form that turns it into Galarian Torterra. Jokes aside, Gigantamax Snorlax is a morbidly powerful Pokemon as all Dynamaxing does is double health, and Snorlax has a massive base of 160. This in combo with its G-Max move makes it a terrifying threat as a clean OHKO is near impossible, and it allows for some unique move options such as Belly Drumming before Gigantamaxing, then healing with a berry such as a Sitrus Berry or any pinch Berry and using its G-Max move to recycle its berry. Needless to say, Snorlax is a scary user of Dynamax thanks to its Gigantamax form, making its existing sets even better and also enabling Belly Drum sets more easily than before.

VGC & Double Battle Options

Snorlax is back for another generation of Doubles and not much has changed for it, yet at the same time quite a few things have changed for it. Snorlax is still a menace under Trick Room thanks to Curse and Belly Drum access, but the biggest hit to Snorlax is the nerf to Figy Berry and the rest of that family of berries, healing only 33% of its health instead of 50% of its health. The absence of the Island Guardians of Alola or Mega Evolutions such as Salamence also doesn't make the environment quite as hostile towards Fighting-types as before, allowing Pokemon such as Conkeldurr, Lucario, and Scrafty to find a place in the metagame to threaten Snorlax. However, Snorlax also makes for an excellent user of Dynamax especially with access to its unique Gigantamax form, which has a 50% chance to recycle berries for itself and its teammate with G-Max Replenish. Otherwise, not much has changed for Snorlax, it may feel toned down in some respects but with the new tools Snorlax obtained it's still a huge powerhouse.

Vengeful Smash

- Facade / Double-Edge
- Belly Drum / Curse
- Darkest Lariat / High Horsepower
- High Horsepower / Recycle
Item Attached: Figy Berry / Sitrus Berry
Ability: Gluttony / Thick Fat
EVs and Nature:
252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Def
Brave / Adamant / Relaxed Nature

Snorlax may have lost Return as its consistent Normal-type STAB, but it still has several powerful options in Facade and Double-Edge. Facade punishes attempts to nerf Snorlax's damage output with Will-O-Wisp, though Double-Edge is far more powerful in general. Belly Drum is Snorlax's most dangerous boosting option and it is typically favored for its immediate power boost, though Curse sets are still very effective as well. Darkest Lariat provides excellent neutral coverage but also notably ignores opposing defensive boosts, preventing Snorlax from being outlasted by Max Steelspike boosts or Curse Ferrothorn. High Horsepower provides great coverage against Steel-, Rock-, and Fire-types though it also notably gives Snorlax access to Max Quake to boost its Special Defense further when Dynamaxed. Snorlax can choose to run both moves, or alternatively run Recycle to keep its health up longer. Recycle is definitely a necessity when using Curse though.

The given EV spread is a basic template for how to build Snorlax, Belly Drum and Curse give it the power it needs so investing in bulk is ideal to make it more resilient, with an emphasis on Defense to boost its otherwise mediocre Defense stat. However, Snorlax EV spreads are very customizable depending on your own needs, especially since Snorlax's HP is so high that it can afford to invest less in HP if you want more immediate Attack. As usual, Figy Berry and company are the ideal berry choice with Gluttony despite the nerf. However, Snorlax's Gigantamax form affords it the alternative of using Thick Fat with Sitrus Berry, which has the intent of making Snorlax even more difficult to break down while G-Max Replenish can passively keep its recycling up.

Other Options & Team Ideas

- Body Slam is a Normal-type STAB that attempts to find a middle ground between unboosted Facade and Double-Edge, with a solid chance to paralyze the foe. However, this can be detrimental to Snorlax if using it on a Trick Room team so this is only worth consideration if you are not using Trick Room with it.
- Seed Bomb is fairly specific coverage if you really hate Gastrodon or Rhyperior, though it's there if you want that option. Snorlax is generally better off beating them down with its STAB move or High Horsepower respectively.
- Heat Crash or Fire Punch can be used to immediately deal with Corviknight or Ferrothorn, though boosted Darkest Lariat usually threatens them well enough. Note that Heat Crash always fails against Dynamax Pokemon, though it is fairly powerful otherwise.
- Protect is worth consideration to scout out turns after setting up with Belly Drum, since Snorlax becomes a huge target after boosting up. However, this can clash with Trick Room if you're going that route.
- As noted, Trick Room support is very good for Snorlax as it turns it into one of the faster Pokemon on the field. Dusclops, Hatterene, Mimikyu, and Bronzong are all effective teammates for this purpose.
- Redirection is very useful for helping Snorlax set up with Belly Drum. Female Indeedee and Togekiss are popular options for this role with Follow Me, though Rage Powder Butterfree can also fill this role.
- Without Trick Room support, Snorlax wants fast teammates to pick up the pressure against more aggressive teams. Dragapult is an obvious choice here, though Sand Rush Excadrill or premier Tailwind user Whimsicott are also effective for keeping the fast mode option on Snorlax's team.

Countering Snorlax

-Aegislash [Check] - With an immunity to Body Slam, Aegislash can catch a free switch in to harass Snorlax and with the removal of Pursuit this is a lot safer. It can also ignore Curse's Defense boosts with Sacred Sword and can punish Darkest Lariat with King's Shield, which is still effective despite only lowering Attack by one stage now. However, Darkest Lariat still hurts Aegislash so it should be mindful of switching into that.
-Terrakion [Counter] - While Terrakion is not released quite yet, it resists Body Slam and gains Attack from Darkest Lariat. Terrakion can switch in with ease fearing the rarer Earthquake and look to set up a boost or Substitute.
-Conkeldurr [Counter] - Conkeldurr shuts down Snorlax with Guts boosted Drain Punch and Hammer Arm, Snorlax really can't do a ton back to it without heavy boosts which at worst forces Snorlax out.
-Toxapex [Counter] - Snorlax can't do anything to break Toxapex even with a boosted Facade, since Toxapex can simply remove its Curse boosts with Haze and stall it out with Toxic. Even Earthquake doesn't do enough to Toxapex and if it's in a dangerous situation it can simply switch out and heal with Regenerator.
-Galarian Corsola [Counter] - Similar to Toxapex, Galarian Corsola walls Snorlax since it's immune to Normal-type moves and can disable its other moves with Cursed Body. Galarian Corsola can also Strength Sap away Snorlax's boosts and can also opt to use Haze to immediately remove any boosts.

Locations in Games

Route 12, Route 16.

Route 11.

Trade from FireRed/LeafGreen.

Route 12, Route 16

Snagged from Cipher Admin Ardos in Citadark Isle (XD).

Evolve Munchlax.

Route 11.

Evolve Munchlax.

Black 2/White 2:
Trade in Nimbasa City.

Route 7.

Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire:
Trade from X/Y.

Route 1

Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon:
Route 1

Let's Go, Pikachu!/Let's Go, Eevee!:
Route 12, Route 16.

Motostoke Riverbank
Max Raid Battles: Bridge Field, East Lake Axewell, Motostoke Riverbank, Rolling Fields, Stony Wilderness

Animé Appearences

Snorlax has made a few appearances in the anime. Most notably, Ash has one and used it in multiple leagues and gyms.

# -English Episode Name- -Jap. Episode Name- Pics
41 Wake up Snorlax Get Up! Snorlax Pics
67 Showdown at the Poke Corral Dueling with the Rival! Oak's Laboratory Pics
P1 Pikachu's Vacation Pikachu's Summer Vacation Pics
96 Snack Attack! Hungry Snorlax! Great Panic! Pics
100 A Way Off, Day Off It's the Southern Islands! Everyone Gather! Pics
M2 The Power of One Revelation Lugia Pics
P2 Pikachu's Rescue Adventure Pikachu's Exploration Party Pics
109 Pokémon Food Fight Snorlax's Power! Pics
113 Hello Pummelo Winner's Cup! 6 vs. 6! Pics
117 A Tents Situation Return to Pallet Town! Pics
147 A Farfetch'd Tale Ilex Forest! Search for Farfetch'd! Pics
P3 Pikachu & Pichu Pichu & Pikachu Pics
C20 Trouble In Big Town We Are The Pichu Brothers Pics
162 Air Time Radio Tower Battle! Center Crossover!  
169 A Hot Water Battle Three in the Jungle! Hot Spring Battle! Pics
C4 Pikachu's Winter Vacation: Delibird's Dilemma Delibird's Present! Pics
Pikachu's Winter Vacation: Snorlax Snowmen White Story! Pics
196 The Ring Masters Feraligatr Vs. Blastoise! Sumo Match! Pics
248 Wish Upon a Star Shape Cleffa, Clefairy, and the Shoooting Star! Pics
256 Better Eight Than Never Blackthorn City Gym! The Final Badge! Pics
257 Why? Wynaut! Wynaut! Wobbuffet and the Gym Badges! Pics
272 Can't Beat the Heat! Rival Confrontation! Charizard VS Blatoise! Pics
273 Playing with Fire!! Blaziken Returns! Battle with Harrison!! Pics
C8 Showdown at the Oak Corral! Epic Battle at Oak's Lab! Pics
C21 Big Meowth, Little Dreams The Millennium Town Encounter! Pics
Piece'a Pizza Peace Pizazz Meowth's Part-time Job Trouble! Pics
C14 Journey To The Starting Line! Pallet Town! The Setting off of the Pokémon Trainer! Pics
P7 Not Aired Pikachu's Summer Festival Pics
362 Lights, Camerupt, Action The Film's Riding on Camerupt! Pics
364 The Garden Of Eatin'! The Snorlax in Slakoth's Banana Garden!! Pics
399 Deceit And Assist! Fierce Fighting! Grand Festival! (2)! Pics
410 The Right Place at the Right Mime Oak's Laboratory! All Member's Gather! Pics
426 Wheel...of Frontier! Battle Arena! Fighting Confrontation!! Pics
435 Queen of the Serpentine Fierce Fighting at the Battle Pike! VS Pike Queen Lucy! Pics
493 Oh Do You Know the Poffin Plan! The Gifted Roserade & The Flower Legend! Pics
544 A Full Course Tag Battle! Restaurant Seven Stars! Tag Battle for a Full Course!! Pics
M11 Giratina & The Sky Warrior Giratina & The Bouquet of the Sky - Shaymin Pics
P12 Not Aired Pikachu's Great Sparking Search Pics
609 Challenging A Towering Figure! Tower Tycoon! That Man, Palmer! Pics
626 Regaining the Home Advantage! Explosion! Magnezone vs Metagross!! Pics
628 A Marathon Rivalry! Get Fired Up Snorlax! Prince of Pokéthlon! Pics
629 Yes, in Dee Dee It's Dawn Pokemon Contest! Asatsuki Tournament!! Pics
648 Four Roads Diverged in a Pokémon Port Ash VS Kenny! Setting Sail for Each Destination! Pics
650 An Old Family Blend! The Eve of the Fierce Fighting! The Big Gathering of Ash's Pokémon! Pics
651 League Unleashed! Opening! Sinnoh League - Suzuran Tournament!! Pics
652 Casting a Paul on Barry! Sinnoh League Third Round! Barry VS Paul! Pics
S29 TBC Sing, Meloetta: Search for the Rinka Berries Pics
M15 TBC Meloetta's Sparkling Recital Pics
803 Dream Continues! My Dream: Pokémon Master! Pics
821 Awakening the Sleeping Giant Wake Up Snorlax! Battle in Parfum Palace!! Pics
924 Seeing the Forest for the Trees! The Winding Woods...The Dawn of Evolution! Pics
971 Pulling Out the Pokémon Base Pepper The Fierce Pokébase Match! Aim for a Home Run to Turn the Tide!! Pics
989 Deceiving Appearances! C'mon, Search for the Transformed Ditto! Pics
991 Night of a Thousand Poses! Strike a Fully Powered Pose for a Sleepover! Pics
1003 Getting a Jump on the Competition! Lillie is Soaring Through The Air! The PokéSled Jump Tournament! Pics
1004 A Mission of Ultra Urgency! Set Off! You Are Our Ultra Guardians!! Pics
1015 Sours for the Sweet! Ta-Dough! Burn with Passion, Mallow's Family! Pics
1026 Dummy, You Shrunk the Kids! Ash Becomes Tiny Pics
1039 Don't Ignore the Small Stufful! Team Rocket & Stufful! Pics
1072 Battle Royal 151 Brawl! Battle Royal 151!! Pics
1073 Battling Besties! Mallow & Lana! A Fully Powered Battle of Friendship!! Pics
1081 Final Rivals! The Finals! The Ultimate Rival Showdown!! Pics
1090 Enter Pikachu! Pikachu is Born!! Pics
1091 Legend? Go! Friends? Go! On Lugia They Go, Ash and Gho! Pics
1094 Mind-Boggling Dynamax! Snorlax Grows Gigantic?! The Mystery of Dynamax!! Pics
1095 Working My Way Back To Mew! I'm Gonna Get a Ton of Pokémon! The Road to Mew!! Pics
1096 Serving Up the Flute Cup! The Hoenn Region, Site of Fierce Fights! The Battle Frontier Challenge!! Pics
1131 Sword and Shield: Slumbering Weald Sword & Shield I: Slumbering Weald Pics
1132 Sword and Shield: The Darkest Day! Sword & Shield II: Darkest Day Pics
1136 Crowning the Chow Crusher! Pokémon Champion! The Battle of Big Eaters!! Pics
1147 TBC Panic! The Gulpin Ball!!
Come On, Chewtle Turtle Race