Global Link

The Pokémon Global Link makes a return in Sun & Moon and adds some new features in addition to the usual ones such as Online Competitions.

For the first time ever, the Pokémon Global Link will allow you to make Friendly Competitions.

We'll add more Global Link details as more are revealed

Friendly Competitions

Friendly Competitions are where you can create your own Battle Competition for players to enter in. You can set the following for the competition:

  • Name - The Name of the competition
  • Description - The Description of the competition
  • Ruleset - Currently only Singles & Doubles are listed
  • Pokédex - Currently can select Alola Pokédex or National Pokédex
  • Restrictions - Can choose whether to be Pokémon Sun/Moon only or to include Pokémon transfered via Pokémon Bank
  • Duration - The length of the competition
  • Timer - The duration of battles | 10 minutes or 30 minutes.
  • Battles Per Day - The number of battles allowed per day
  • Competition Type - Public or Private
  • Participating Trainers - Everyone or Specified Trainers, with a selection allowing you to specify trainers

Once filled in, you will be given a QR Code that can be scanned which allows for players to enter. There are two different ways to play. You can either have an Online Competition, where you can specify the number of people you will allow into it, or Live Competition, where you can control the ruleset that creates the Digital Player ID.

Battle Spot

As with the last two generations, there is a Battle Spot where you can battle online against random players. Starting from Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon, there are different options than previous years. They are as follows

  • Single: Single Battle
  • Double Battle
  • Special Battle - Different set of unique rulesets that change every two months to special rulesets
  • Championship Battles - These battles follow the special Video Game Championship ruleset

In addition to this, Rating Battles will use a special unique timer. Players will have a maximum of 60 seconds each turn to select a move or Pokémon, and they will also each be awarded 10 minutes of “Your Time.” Under these rules, if a player runs out of their 10 minutes before the battle ends, that player loses the match.

QR Teams

Another new feature in the Pokémon Global Link is the ability to rent teams. You will have the ability to share a team and provide a QR Code for the team. If another player scans the code, then they'll be able to use the team in certain Rating Battles and even Link Battles. You can store up to 6 QR teams at any one time