Route Leaders

In many of the routes and areas of Alola, you will find certain trainers who will refuse to fight you until you have defeated all of the trainers in the route, often calling themselves Z Trainers. These trainers will often have Z Crystals on their Pokémon, as well as give you a special item when you have defeated them

Leader List

Location PictureLocationTrainer NamePokémonReward
Melemele Island
Route 3 Route 3 Ace Trainer Makana
RockruffLv. 13
SlowpokeLv. 14
Red Card
Akala Island
Diglett's Tunnel Diglett's Tunnel Black Belt Greg
HariyamaLv. 23
Max Revive
Route 3 Route 5 Trial Guide Bronson
SlowpokeLv. 22
TM96 Nature Power
Route 8 Route 8 Ace Trainer Eileen
WingullLv. 21
FearowLv. 22
Sky Drop
Ula'ula Island
Mount Hokulani Mount Hokulani Veteran Akira
AbsolLv. 30
Route 12 Route 12 Collector Andrew
LedianLv. 28
PinsirLv. 29
Psych Up
Route 15 Route 15 Trial Guide Katrina
KlefkiLv. 34
SkarmoryLv. 34
PP Max
Ula'ula Meadow Ula'ula Meadow Golfer Dean
HariyamaLv. 34
AlakazamLv. 34
Flame Orb
Poni Island
Poni Gauntlet Poni Gauntlet Captain Mina
KlefkiLv. 61
GranbullLv. 61
ShiinoticLv. 61
WigglytuffLv. 61
RibombeeLv. 61
Bottle Cap
Poni Plains Poni Plains Ace Trainer Cole
DrampaLv. 56
GoodraLv. 57
Poni Wilds Poni Wilds Dancer Julia
OricorioLv. 43
OricorioLv. 43
OricorioLv. 43
OricorioLv. 43
Focus Sash