The Battle Institute

In North Boulevard of Lumiose City is a building known as the Battle Institute. This buildin, will allow you to test your teams out against a variety of trainers. There are two modes for you to test your teams in; Single Battle and Double Battle.

The Battle Institute has the standard Pokémon restrictions that exist online with Flat Rules and in the Battle Maison meaning Pokémon such as Mewtwo and Xerneas will not be able to be used.

The task here is to select your team, 3 Pokémon in Single Battles and 4 Pokémon in Double Battles. You will face up against 5 consecutive trainers and will move on to the next battle regardless of if you win or lose the battle. Each team gets progressively more difficult to defeat and start using stronger and more in-depth strategies in order to provide even more of a challenge.

There is also a download option which will allow for the download of special training scenarios through the Nintendo Network, and locally, but it is unknown whether or not this shall be utilised as a feature.


After you have battled through all five trainers, you will be taken out and given a certificate based on your performance. This certificate will grade you out of seven stars and give you a point value. We're still investigating the exact method of obtaining points but it appears to be based on the following

  • Amount of Pokémon you knocked out
  • Amount of times your Pokémon were knocked out
  • The success of your strategies and matchups.
  • Amount of times battles won
  • Amount of Super Effective hits
  • Amount of times your Pokémon were hit by not very effective moves

The ranking is set out based solely upon the amount of points you get. This determines both the Stars and the rank you'll get;

Beginning Rank0-9991
Novice Rank1000-19992
Normal Rank2000-29993
Super Rank3000-39994
Hyper Rank4000-49995
Elite Rank5000-59996
Master Rank6000+7

You're then given BP for your win, depending on how well you did, as well as items such as Protein.